The Effects of Jewelry on Our Self Esteem-How Jewelry Reflects Your Self Image?

The Effects of Jewelry on Our Self Esteem-How Jewelry Reflects Your Self Image?

February 03, 2020

The Effects of Jewelry on Our Self Esteem-How Jewelry Reflects Your Self Image?

Since prehistoric times, human beings have been wearing different jewelry items for various reasons such as self-adornment, to reflect the class and portray a stronger self-image. The archeologist has found such jewelry items made of wood, stones, metal, shells and many other materials from the remains which enforce the viewpoint that jewelry has played a vital role in portraying one’s image. The kings or queens and the laymen wore jewelry to elevate their beauty and class.

Why do we wear jewelry? According to psychologists, people wear jewelry to fulfill the need for self-actualization and enhancing self-esteem.

Jewelry is a beautiful form of self-expression; you can express your style and taste by wearing your favorite jewelry items and you can express your love and emotion by gifting the jewelry items such as wedding or engagement rings.

The men and women choose jewelry according to their interests and how they want to express themselves to be. The princess would be wearing more intricately designed and expensive jewelry items to express her stature, while the bride wears a certain kind of delicate and charming jewelry to be the center of attention.

Going on a relaxed day out and you can choose to wear funky and vibrant jewelry items in bold style to express the sense of freedom while going to the workplace your jewelry must be strictly simple yet elegant. The right selection of jewelry for self-adornment is the reflection of the person’s mood, interests, and personality.

The jewelry is one of the simplest ways to bring a change to your overall look. If you don’t find it comfortable in wearing the hipster-style outfits but want to go rebellious sometimes, get the bold and rebellious jewelry items in hipster style to serve the purpose. The tiny jewelry items can bring a revolutionary change to your look and boost up your self-esteem and personal style.

The improved look can instantly boost up someone’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The charming jewelry items can serve this purpose too, as the jewelry can elevate your outfit and make you look stunning. You might have seen bold and beautiful women wearing bold and sparkling earrings or stacked up rings to enforce their style and show confidence in themselves.

Jewelry marks the individuality of a person, and people who are less expressive in public can let their jewelry speak for them. The jewelry which is given as a gift can effortlessly express the person's love and compassion without wasting any words.

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