How can You Best Use Jewelry to Your Fashion Advantage?

How can You Best Use Jewelry to Your Fashion Advantage?

December 23, 2018

From time immemorial women have been using fine jewelry items to adorn themselves. Decorated and designed using the finest of the fine and rarest of the rare gems, pearls, precious metals, the jewelry you wear used to reflect your class and elegance then. Things for the fine jewelry are not very different even today. While it is true that the fashion jewelry, that is designed and made usually using semi-precious metals and stones is getting immensely popular among the millennials, people who still crave to stand a class apart, prefer indulging in immaculate and pristine fine jewelry.

Fine jewelry made up of precious stones caries a lot more value and weight than just being eye candy. For starters, each stone, let it be black diamonds, sapphires, rubies or garnets, come with their rich cultural and traditional history giving your jewelry piece more substance. Also, there are still people with strong beliefs on the healing powers of various precious gemstones so your jewelry may be elevating your soul and spirits by radiating some positive energy while you are carrying it in style.

Jewelry designers these days factor all these things while creating exquisite and exhilarating jewelry pieces for their clients. Over the years, the fine and couture jewelry trends have been influenced heavily by the street style and even pop culture. If you fancy, you can flaunt those jewelry pieces to your fashion advantage. And, by doing that you will be serving two purposes! First, you will be fashion-ly correct and second, you will be making a strong statement.

Take these ROSE GOLD & BLACKEN SILVER DOUBLE DIAMOND LARGE CIRCLE EARRINGS, for instance, available at OGI Ltd. These OTT yet gorgeous earrings bring two finest things together – gold and silver and there are diamonds too! The blacken silver used in these are the most ‘in’ contemporary fashion trends in jewelry right now. Also, the large oversize earrings are very voguish and relevant to the fashion scene.

Other than their fashion currency, relevance and value, this particular piece signifies a lot more than just being an ornament for your ear. The street style inspired earring design, with the help of three circles, signifies the holistic relationship men share with the universe and a full cycle one has to complete to reach his destination.

At OGI Ltd, there are many dainty, elegant and excellent jewelry pieces that you can flaunt as a fashion statement and have a more substantial message attached to them.

Osnat Gad

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