How Jewelry Makes a Statement about Your Personality?

How Jewelry Makes a Statement about Your Personality?

September 08, 2018

Your choices define who you are. From the work you do to the clothes you wear and the accessories you adorn yourself with, everything speaks volumes about your personality. While there are many people who may think that jewelry is just ‘anything’ you wear to look nice, little do they know about the impact that jewelry can have on how people perceive them.

It is important to know how you are representing yourself to the world. Does it reflect who you truly are or are you trying to be someone else? Your choice of ornaments has a great impact on what you show to the world around you.

Without dwelling into further curiosity, we’ve listed down some basic patterns of people who wear different kind of jewelries to express themselves,

  1. Bigger & Bolder

There are people who want to stand out from a crowd and draw attention towards them. Such behavior reflects in them wearing chunkier pieces of jewelry that can be spotted from a distance. This not only accentuates their presence amidst a gathering but also serves to be a great conversation starter in socializing with people. The bigger the jewelry, the bolder the impact there’d be. Also, if you are meeting someone for the first time, big chunk of stones or gems will leave an everlasting memory in their mind.


  1. Delicate Elegance

Jewelry which is delicate, light and simple is usually worn as a daily fashion essential by women at large. The concept of minimalism shines through these subtle accessories which do not provoke a certain emotion or action. Women wear these to add a bling that represents the simplicity in their daily choices. Light in weight and charming to look at, delicate jewelry definitely adds elegance to a mundane, everyday look.


  1. Free Spirited Soul

One of the fastest booming trends in jewelry and fashion is the bohemian lifestyle. People who represent freedom, organic philosophy and are close to nature tend to skew their choices towards earthly pieces of jewelry. Beads, raw stones tied with a piece of jute string are a perfect representation of the kind jewelry adorned by these free spirited souls. Known in popular culture as ‘Hippies’, these people are unaffected by glitter, sparkle and bling; qualities that are commonly associated with jewelry.


  1. Color Conscious

If you see around yourself, you will most definitely find a handful of people who make sure that their everyday jewelry perfectly complements and matches with their outfit. These people are neither tied to a certain fashion statement nor do they stick to one particular style. They wear what they deem matches their mood, attire and personality.


  1. Sparkling Sensation

Sparkly, shining jewelry is widely associated with milestones, gifts and occasions. From graduation gifts to wedding presents, jewelry that shines generally marks an important occasion in someone’s life. It is a reflection of pure happiness that people wear to display their love and affection for a person or an occasion. It represents the feeling of pride, gratitude and celebration.

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