About OGI Ltd Jewelry Company

OGI Ltd is a pioneer in designing and curating high-ticket jewelry, and we are immensely proud to branch out towards an exciting new line of fine jewelry that offers women fun, creative and artistic avenues to channel their femininity. 

With extensive experience in the bridal business, OGI Ltd hails from one of the largest jewel dynasty family in the jewelry industry. Carved from decades of jewel crafting and designing traditions, our family has been at the helm of efforts to extract and curate gemstones from India and the across the US.

Our profound experience, skill and passion for gemstone carving and jewelry designing has allowed us to emerge as the industry leaders when it comes to presenting fine traditional and cultural ornaments. Over the years, we have enjoyed dynamic success in the bridal business, and our best-selling book, “Wedding Ring” garnered immense applause for highlighting the intricacies and sentiments that are invested in creating the perfect rings to exchange one’s marital vows. 

OGI Ltd: A Passion for Bijoux

As experts in the art of crafting exquisite gold trinkets and making intricate traditional designs with natural materials and rare gemstones, we have set ourselves apart from our competitors with our passion for carving and curating items that rare, unique and exclusive.

Our team of designers and gemstone experts have travelled across the world, on book tours, gemstone hunts, and interactions with local artisans. These experiences have allowed us to incorporate new techniques, open up exciting new lines of beautiful offerings, and be inspired by the love stories and commitments of the beautiful people who chose to invest in our jewels.

OGI Ltd has enjoyed a dynamic experience in curating and designing trinkets with gemstones originating in India and across the world. Our extensive resources and impressively respectable reputation has allowed us the means to acquire materials and precious stones from across the world. Whether you seek a rare Mediterranean pearl, or a unique Indian emerald, we at OGI Ltd can help you save both, time and effort, in acquiring the most precious and rarest trinkets that will set you apart in the crowd!

Inspired by Love & Passion

From keeping a close eye on runway jewelry trends and current happenings in the jewelry fashion industry, to reviving old traditions and classic styles, OGI LTd has always stayed one step ahead of the game, curating its collections for its clients and customers. As opposed to chasing fleeting trends, our designs and inspirations are deeply rooted in our commitment towards our cherished clients.

Over the years, we have garnered immense acclaim and applause for our masterfully crafted pieces, and handpicked diamonds and gemstones. However, nothing provides us greater pleasure than seeing our glorious pendants and exquisite rings sparkling and radiating in the beauty of our customers.

We design jewelry for you, and our clients are undoubtedly our greatest inspiration as we seek to give birth to beautiful stories of romance, and celebrate years-long commitment with gorgeous trinkets crafted with love.

Our scrutiny towards upholding the highest levels of quality control and masterful craftsmanship are our greatest token of dedication and commitment towards our clients and customers.


We can meet you for consultation on major purchases, repairs or replacement of missing stones, to view different option of our jewelry, if you want to sell your old jewelry or create new jewelry from your outdated pieces.


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OGI Precious Materials

The materials in our jewelry pieces are sourced from all around the world by our dedicated suppliers and craftsmen with the same passion for excellence as we demand. We maintain and continue to search for greener solutions for all the materials used in our products through our chain of suppliers. Gold and platinum: OGI Ltd is committed to sourcing our material according to the best responsible practices that currently exist in our industry.

DIAMONDS and Precious Stones

Our diamond supply chains follow the guidelines of the Kimberley Process system, requiring them to refrain from buying or selling conflict diamonds, diamonds from suspect or unknown sources as well as diamonds from countries and regions that have not implemented the Kimberley Process Certification. OGI Ltd follows the same practice in the mining of precious stones.

When Shopping Online

Research to make sure a company is legitimate, or shop with companies you know. You might check a store’s reputation by entering the outlet’s name and the word “complaints” in a search engine.

Get the details about the product, as well as the merchant’s refund and return policies, before you buy.

Look for a street address or phone number in case you have a question or problem. Call the number to test it. You may want to know if the seller is in another country.


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