How to Mix and Match Fine and Fashion Jewelry

How to Mix and Match Fine and Fashion Jewelry?

January 20, 2020

Jewelry can spruce up an otherwise drab outfit within minutes. A fine cascade-like white diamond necklace can take your casual jeans and knit-sweater top up a notch or a dainty sterling silver snowflake and shooting stars charms pendant can colloquialize a formal dress or even pants suit. The choice of jewelry contributes a million bucks in defining the mood and overall impact of your attire. Thus, one must be a little extra conscious while selecting what jewelry to wear on a day to day basis.

A really cool and contemporary way of having fun with your jewelry collection is to mix and match things. From time immemorial, diamonds are considered a girl’s best friends and have been a symbol of class and elegance. Times changed and other precious and semi-precious stones appeared in the trending jewelry scene. Emerald, amethyst, ruby, opal, zircon – a variety of gems are now being used in the making of fashion jewelry. And while it is understandable to lean towards the good ol’ diamond for the sake of class, tradition, and ages-old fashion trends – including a few bits and bobs from the fashion jewelry can give a whole new definition and makeover to your old jewelry collection.

Sterling silver is one of the major elements used in the making of fashion jewelry these days. It is cost-effective; looks phenomenal when light hits it; and maintains its shape and luster for a reasonable time. Long chains that almost look invisible are pretty popular these days. So, if you don’t want to invest in a platinum or white gold long chain, a sterling silver chain can be a pretty solid option. You can wear your more luxurious fine pendants with it and be on-trend without spending big bucks.

Delicate ear cuffs are back on the jewelry trend bandwagon, especially after the recent Golden Globe red carpet. Celebs flaunted white diamond ear cuffs with black outfits; you can recreate the same look with zircon ear cuffs and pair it with a dainty diamond necklace – mix both fine and fashion jewelry to stay right on-trend.

Stacking rings is another jewelry trend these days. If you already have some precious fine ring bands to wear you can opt for gold-plated or sterling silver midi-rings featuring some gems. Amethyst could be a great choice since it is the ‘it’ stone of the year.


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