OGI Story

You are the reason I design jewelry. The pleasure comes when my rings are not returned for repairs, when the earrings fit beautifully against your face, when the pendant sits perfectly on your neck. When my craft is being used, I get inspired.

One of the greatest responsibilities our team and I have is to make sure the final jewel is perfectly executed and individualized. 

Our team has an amazing story to tell, resulting in unique jewelry that is made with passion, patience and attention to detail.  OGI caters to elite luxury buyers and the finest retailers. Our new website is the premier store where we gather to connect, collaborate and conduct business.

 As an award-winning designer, my purpose is to showcase exquisite jewelry for all budgets.

OGI has received much acclaim throughout the years, winning top industry honors and garnering international praise for innovation in jewelry. Today, OGI is well established in the bridal industry.


OGI’s team of graduate gemologists carefully hand-select every diamond and gemstone, while our experienced designers masterfully craft each piece in precious metals.   OGI strives to uphold the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship with every finished piece.

We consider the social, environmental and financial impacts of each of our creations. All OGI jewelry is expertly crafted in the USA.  Through the long-term partnership with our suppliers, we work with them to improve the sustainability of our supply chain. We continue to search for new and greener solutions to improve on the process of jewelry production. Jewelry is a traditional craft, and it is still handmade by master jewelers. OGI’s trademark guarantees the finest quality of jewelry; look for the OGI stamp and accept no substitute. 


With over three decades of experience in the jewelry industry, Osnat Gad is an expert in precious gemstones and bridal jewelry.  Born into a male-dominated jewelry dynasty, Gad forged a path of her own. Her journey began over 27 years ago.  She traveled throughout the world, searching for rare gems in exotic locales from Sri Lanka to Columbia, and she quickly established herself as a prominent dealer in precious gems.  Together with the small community of artisans on 47th Street in New York City, with their skills and with the support of their knowledge, she was able to establish her dominance in the jewelry industry.  
In 2004, Osnat became a published author, with her book Wedding Rings. Published by Stewart, Tabori & Chang, the book traces the history and romance of the wedding ring - the perfect symbol of eternal love - from ancient Egypt to today.

The concept for Osnat’s next venture was born when she searched for the perfect evening clutch to wear to a red-carpet event. As she explains, “ I wanted a bag that would stand out next to an exquisite piece of jewelry.”  Utilizing her expertise in the jewelry industry, Gad set out to create an evening bag suitable to wear with lavish jewelry.   One year later, the Ocie Minaudière collection was unveiled, flawlessly incorporating precious stones into a fashion staple: the evening bag.

Based in New York, Gad continues to oversee the OGI Ltd. and Ocie brands.


OGI Precious Materials

The materials in our jewelry pieces are sourced from all around the world by our dedicated suppliers and craftsmen with the same passion for excellence as we demand. We maintain and continue to search for greener solutions for all the materials used in our products through our chain of suppliers. Gold and platinum: OGI is committed to sourcing our material according to the best responsible practices that currently exist in our industry.

Diamonds and Precious Stones

Our diamond supply chains follow the guidelines of the Kimberley Process system, requiring them to refrain from buying or selling conflict diamonds, diamonds from suspect or unknown sources as well as diamonds from countries and regions that have not implemented the Kimberley Process Certification. OGI follows the same practice in the mining of precious st

 When Shopping Online

Research to make sure a company is legitimate, or shop with companies you know. You might check a store’s reputation by entering the outlet’s name and the word “complaints” in a search engine.

Get the details about the product, as well as the merchant’s refund and return policies, before you buy.

Look for a street address or phone number in case you have a question or problem. Call the number to test it. You may want to know if the seller is in another country.