How to Transport valuable Jewelry While Travelling for Business or Luxury Resorting?

How to Transport valuable Jewelry While Travelling for Business or Luxury Resorting?

April 19, 2018

The spring/summer is here and it’s perfect time to take a break from your tiring and busy schedule, pack your things up and go for a vacation. Amazing trip abroad, exciting road trip, beach adventures or relaxing luxury resorting and it all sounds like a great idea! But you must have found packing the expensive things most difficult task. Taking the valuable jewelry is usually a dropped-out idea, but why to compromise on fashion and style when you are going for totally pleasurable resorting?

While packing for a travel you must have many questions in your mind such as:

What jewelry items to leave behind and what to take?

How to pack the valuable jewelry items to keep them safe?

How to keep the jewelry safe at airport and hotel?

Here we share the some of the most important travel jewelry tips to remember while packing.

  • The luxury vacation is a best time to accessorize you and flaunt your beauty and style. Leaving the jewelry at home is not a great idea rather you must keep the jewelry pieces which are not too much expensive or have high emotional value for you. The best ideas is to check your jewelry collection and keep those items with you that are light weight, extremely beautiful, less expensive and can be worn as a statement pieces with almost any outfit.


  • The plan of a leisure trip is a great excuse to shop for the less expensive yet chic jewelry items to look absolutely stunning on those memorable days.


  • You must keep some of the neutral jewelry basics with you such as delicate pendants, small hoops, stud earrings, bracelets, ring stacks, chain-links. Some pure statement pieces such as chic necklaces or bold bracelets which can polish your even basic travel outfits.


  • Consider some alternative for your engagement rings and wedding bands. The engagement rings and wedding bands are usually very expensive and valuable jewelry pieces and while travelling or going on some adventurous trip you might feel unsafe about these items. Its better that you buy the look-alike items which are less expensive too, to save you from undue worries on a refreshing tour.


  • Now that you have decided what to take to your vacation trip, pack them up safely and individually so that you won’t face any trouble in picking and wearing them abroad. Take some plastic bags and pack up each item separately. Buy a small storage box to keep all the items safely in one place. You can also opt to buy travel jewelry case from market which is manufactured to keep each item safe.


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