College Girl Essentials: Key Pieces of Jewelry that you must own

College Girl Essentials: Key Pieces of Jewelry that you must own

August 03, 2018

College girls are a much more sophisticated and style savvy version of their high school selves, or at least, that’s the general expectation, isn’t it? Going onto college brings about some major transformations in our lives, and not only do we have to look on-point, but we must also follow various dress codes.

We’ve picked out some jewellery pieces that are definite must-have for college girls, and if you own these pieces, you can accessorise any given statement.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Layered Necklaces

The layered necklaces is a strikingly lovely and super-trendy jewellery item that has a timeless appeal and the ability to bling up any given statement, regardless of how understated your outfit is.

It is the ultimate jewellery piece that allows you to accentuate the cool-girl chicness without having to bear the hassle of untangling countless necklaces to achieve the layered statement. The best part is, a layered necklace can be paired up with anything and everything, particularly your minimalist outfits that need to be glammed up with accessories.


Versatile Rings

Every college girl needs a set of wear-anywhere-rings that are versatile and romantically feminine. There’s something so charming about a simple and classic ring that exudes femininity. You need to pick out go-to rings, for instance silver bands, or a simple gold ring that can be worn with your everyday clothes for a seal of effortless chicness.


The Dainty Necklace

All girls need a generous supply of dainty chains and necklaces because these understated and delicate pieces of jewellery are capable of adding a significant pop of glamour to any given outfit. You can flaunt these versatile delights with any given outfit, and they are a terrific trick to accessorise your formal statements. You can always pick out a dainty necklace with a soft, feminine sparkle or even gemstones. They might be small in size and design, but ladies, their chicness is massive and magnificent!


Chunky Statement Necklaces

On occasions you simply want to knock ‘em dead with your raging glamour, you need a statement necklace that exudes sparkle, femininity and gives your outfit a massive dose of embellishment. These necklaces are a definite must-have for college parties, hot dates, and black tie events.


Dangly Earrings

Any definite must-have for occasions you want to channel your inner goddess with a massive surge of overpowering glamour. Dangly earrings are an excellent pick to accentuate one’s romantic sensuality.

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