Trending Jewelry for the Black Outfits – What Hollywood Celebs Wore with Black Dresses?

Trending Jewelry for the Black Outfits – What Hollywood Celebs Wore with Black Dresses?

January 28, 2018

Golden Globes 2018 has to be the most exceptional, phenomenal, momentous and meaningful Hollywood event of the year. For a long time, ‘fashion for change’ slogan had been thrown in the fashion capitals of the world now but in the post-truth world, Golden Globe 2018 had to be the first event that actually executed this idea, and pretty wonderfully too. The majority of Hollywood celebs showed up all cladded up in black outfits for the most crucial Time’s Up movement. Their jewelry choices with black outfits were pretty symbolic too, not just randomly thrown fashion accessories.

The Time’s Up movement that almost all Hollywood A-list celebs supported this Golden Globes by wearing all black ensembles stands against the sexual assaults and gender inequality not only in Hollywood but at all work places. Most celebrities chose to wear stunning emerald earrings, rings and neck-pieces to complement their black outfits, which is an interesting and meaningful fashion choice.

Emerald – the precious green gemstone isn’t just fascinating to look at but it also symbolizes growth and change. The green stone paired with black outfits convey the meanings that world is ready to leave the gender disparity behind them and move towards new beginnings.

Zoë Kravitz kept things pretty classy and simple with gorgeous emerald block earrings and a black dress; Debra Messing wore oversized studs in green stone and a big emerald statement ring on her finger with her stunning black red carpet dress. Emerald jewelry is bound to trend with black outfits this season now that Hollywood fashionistas have approved it on the red carpet fashion scene.,c_limit/GettyImages-902392708.jpg

Issa Rae is another celebrity who flaunted an emerald necklace with her black dress in the Golden Globes 2018. Issa Rae appeared on the red carpet all dolled up in her black liquid chiffon gown and a long water-fall inspired cascade necklace with white diamonds that featured a gorgeous green emerald stone. It looks like green gemstone with black outfits is going to be a trending jewelry style for all big events.

White diamond chokers were another coveted jewelry item with black outfits at the golden globes. From delicate five-row chokers to traditional chunky statement necklaces, white diamonds were worn by Hollywood celebs in various different ways.

Glamour has never looked more empowering than it did at the 75th Golden Globe ceremony. If you are interested in recreating some of the fascinating red carpet combinations from the Golden Globe ceremony, is your place to find some stunning emerald jewelry pieces to complement black outfits.

Osnat Gad

Researched and Edited by Miraj Tahir

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