Hip Hop & Jewelry: OGI Traces the Influence of Hip Hop on Jewelry Designs

Hip Hop & Jewelry: OGI Traces the Influence of Hip Hop on Jewelry Designs

January 11, 2020


Hip Hop & Jewelry: OGI Traces the Influence of Hip Hop on Jewelry Designs

Hip hop has always been one of the most poignant and powerful influence on the fashion industry, and some of the most glorious jewelry trends have been inspired by iconic musicians and hip hop artists. From chunky chains to sleek leather bands, streetwear jewelry trends exude a bold attitude drenched with rebelliousness, and we at OGI hold great esteem for trends that are inspired by the art and talents of others.

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The Influence of Hip Hop

The influence of hip hop began penetrating the realms of jewelry designing back in the 80s when iconic rappers like Slick Rick and DMC began to dominate the streets with their chunky gold chains and sleek accessories. Soon these hip-hop-inspired jewels were being regarded as success and status symbols, and rappers endorsed their precious trinkets as symbols that allowed them to retrace their humble beginnings and see how far they had come on their journey towards success.

Four-finger gold rings, chunky dookie roop chains, massive diamond-encrusted pendants, good watches, and funky ear studs emerge as a powerful symbol of success and achievements. Iconic musicians and rappers endorsed these jewels as a new lifestyle, and the lineup of iced out trinkets and jewels began to grow and evolve.

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Hip hop inspired jewelry can be rocked in a wide variety of styles and forms. From dazzling belt buckles to gold watches encrusted with diamonds, and jean chains, to shoe Grillz, gemstone pendants, rings, earrings, chains and much more. Each design is unique and drenched with originality. Naturally, some of the designs are popular in honor of the iconic rappers and musicians who introduced them.

For instance, ruby-encrusted pendants are popular after the bold statements of Rick Ross, while 50 Cent inspired countless fans with his G-unit medallion. Pendants are the most important trinket in hip-hop-inspired jewelry trends, and they demand attention with their chunky sizes and precious metals, including platinum, silver, and gold. Typically, these pendants are laced with rare gems and stones, including rubies, diamonds, emeralds, and others.

Uniqueness and originality are the two most important aspects in hip hop jewelry statements, and the idea is to flaunt designs with thick and chunky metal bases that are encrusted with pure gold or massive quantities of sterling silver. In the end, it is important to incorporate your sense of style to discover the hip hop jewelry trend that best flatters your personality.




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