Initial Necklaces: A Charming & Timeless Accessory Trend

Initial Necklaces: A Charming & Timeless Accessory Trend

August 26, 2019

Initial necklaces are intensely quirky and effortlessly chic, and at OGI-Ltd., we absolutely adore them. As modern jewelry makers and style connoisseurs of fine ornaments, we understand that women love to flaunt personalized jewelry that allows them to make a unique and distinctive statement. Initial jewelry pieces, especially necklaces, are versatile and functional, and you can flaunt with your everyday go-to statements to look effortlessly chic and elaborately accessorized.

Celebrities and their initial necklaces, rings and other statement pieces serve as the best inspiration to make us want to chase after this timeless trend. From the beginning of jewelry making centuries ago, women and men, even kings and their courtiers, had a special preference for flaunting necklaces and pedants featuring their initials. It’s a charming and artful trend, and it can be flaunted in a wide variety of sizes, color schemes, gemstones, materials and more.

Speaking of celebrity inspiration, the creative brains behind OGI Ltd. are obsessed with the gorgeous “A” necklace flaunted by the beautiful Duchess of Sussex, our favorite, Meghan Markle. Meghan flaunted her affection for her adorable firstborn, the infectiously cute baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The subtle and elegant “A” necklace, designed by Aurum + Grey, is a heartfelt and chic tribute to her darling son, Prince Archie.

Made with 18ct yellow gold, this handmade necklace, crafted it in a workshop in London, is a delightful specimen of contemporary charm. It is also available in white gold and rose gold. Flaunting initial necklaces is indeed Meghan Markle’s signature accessory that speaks volumes about her affections. Back in 2018 before her wedding, Meghan flaunted a gorgeous chain around her neck, featuring an “H” for her now-husband, the handsome Prince Harry.

If you adore these charming and heartfelt little tokens of love, the industry is brimming with a dazzling range of variety and styles to choose from. It is utterly and insanely romantic to flaunt necklaces carrying the initials of your loved ones, such as your children, your boyfriend, fiancée and husband. You can always pick out sassy initial necklaces for your own name, it would make a spectacular statement, dripping with edginess and unique charm.


We strongly urge you to experiment with this trend in fine solid gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver, brass and italic lettering. You can always pick out pieces that are encrusted with delicate diamonds, gemstones or other beautifying materials.


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