The Stack Ring Trend

The Stack Ring Trend

August 17, 2018

The idea of stacking rings goes many years back when the brides would be wearing their wedding ring and wedding bands together in one finger and look adorable. In a different fashion culture, the hipster styled various kinds of funky rings were being stacked together to achieve the rebellious look. Good news for all those who have plenty of ring collection from minimalists to baroque and vintage style! The stack ring trend is the latest and the most inspirational fashion trend. Although the usual way is to combine and wear the various kinds of ring bands together in different fingers instead of adorning just one or two; but the choice is always yours to reform the style with an individual innovation and the pure fashion statement of your own.

How to Get the Look?
Although it’s your personal choice about the ring collection you wish to stack but there are certain things that you must bear in mind while nailing the desired look. There are various ways of stacking rings that you can easily view on celebrities’ photo shoots and popular Fashion Week’s models.
Balance the Stacked Ring

Maintaining a balance between the stacked rings is very important and this means that you can comfortably choose the rings of the same metal and color with slightly different shapes to wear in one finger and balance the look by adding a pop of vibrant color in the fingers next to get personalized creativity. Usually we ignore the thumb and pinky finger in this extravaganza of the rings, let them join this party too and choose the ones that complement the rest of collection.
Creative Mix Match or Rings

You can select the rings in single style or multiple finishes together and mix and match them according to your outfit. Going out for a casual day out! Select multiple funky looking large and vintage styled rings to adorn your hands whereas a sophisticated collection of delicate rings stacked together will add a mesmerizing sparkle to your formal party outfit. The great thing about this trend is that it gives you full opportunity to exhibit your individual creative charms.
How to Stack the Wedding Rings to be a Gorgeous Bride

In various cultures it’s a tradition for the bride to stack her wedding ring along with her wedding bands and engagement rings together and this can be considered as an origin of the modern ring stacking trend. In recent the trendy wedding look, the brides wear two wedding rings and engagement ring in the middle to make the symmetry. For some traditional minds it’s just a symbol of strong love bond but for many it’s just another stunning way of ring-stack which looks fabulous and eye catching too. If you want to stack up your wedding jewellery there are no strict rules for you. You can select rings which complement to your big day’s attire and add glam to it, the choice is yours!
The greatest benefit of stack ring trend is that they can unleash your inborn talent and creativity and allow you to mark your own style statement.



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