The Fashionable Revival of Fine Jewelry – What’s Hot & Trending?

The Fashionable Revival of Fine Jewelry – What’s Hot & Trending?

January 14, 2019

The fashion trends keep on changing – this is the only constant thing about them. After almost every decade, a fashion trend completes its full cycle, exhaust all its major inspirational ideas and their offshoots and then begins a new fashion cycle. Same is the case with jewelry. Like everything fashion, the trends in jewelry change too – but a little differently.

Since 1970s, ‘fashion jewelry’ has been quite a popular term; in actuality, it is a fashion philosophy rather than being just a term. Fashion jewelry is just another name for disposable street-style jewelry trends – trends that are ‘hip’ and ‘current’ in one season, four months down the lane and they are no more valid or relevant to the fashion scene. That was the reason, fashion jewelry was devised since fine jewelry cannot keep up with the rapidly changing trend suite.  The fashion jewelry was cost-effective, light weight and could be worn anywhere everywhere. Whereas fine jewelry was considered high-maintenance. All these factors contributed in the major popularity of fashion jewelry and fine jewelry faded from the fashion scene for some time.

However, things are significantly different for fine jewelry now. In the 90s, hardly any A-list celeb was seen flaunting the traditional precious gems in front of the camera – more fashion-forward metals, beads, pearls and un-conventional choices were made. But now, even the younger and popular celebs like Emma Watson, Gigi Hadid, Emilia Clark and others are seen sporting traditional precious gems and conventionally designed fine jewelry.

It looks like fine jewelry is trending again – instead of it being evolved with time, fashion itself has completed its experimental cycle and came back to the point again where fine jewelry was the runway choice. White diamonds, black diamonds, sapphires in various colors, emeralds, amethyst, ruby – all gems are thrown in the fashion mix again.

A great testament to the fact that fine jewelry is fashionable again has to be the announcement of Pantone color of the year. Once Ultra Violet was declared as the shade of 2018, there was a significant increased interest by young ladies in purplish and violet amethyst stones.

Even the celebrities who are rarely seen wearing over the top ornaments to interviews or fashion events are now seen wearing delicate dainty gemstone studs or charm bracelets with very casual outfits. Fine jewelry has been adapted to a very street-style type of accessory by the millennial generation and it is very fashionably relevant now!

Osnat Gad

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