Louis Vuitton’s Conquêtes Regalia: A Regal Collection fit for an Empress!

July 27, 2019

The team behind OGI has always sought inspiration by the iconic and classic opulence of Louis Vuitton and its Parisian take on fleeting trends and retaining timeless glamour. When Louis Vuitton began dabbling in luxury high-end jewelry, we were overjoyed to see their creativity flowing through gorgeous and intricate bijou designs.

A few months ago, Louis Vuitton showcased its latest high-end jewelry collection, and we were stunned with its beguiling old-world gracefulness, and electrifyingly juxtaposed arrangement of classic icons. This time around, Louis Vuitton daringly strayed away from traditionally accepted designs and for the first time in history, LV added its monogram letter V and signature flower into an opulent jewelry collection. The effect was spectacularly chic and dramatic, and it left the onlookers beguiled with its modern suave.

When blended with shiny diamonds, gleaming pink diamonds, rhinestones and crystals, these monogram flowers and V letter created a regal and elegant spectacle of fine jewelry. We spotted a feast of gorgeously laminated rings, chandelier earrings, twinkling pink diamonds nestling in a pearl-drop arrangement, zesty chokers lit with an elegant sparkles, necklaces with beguiling coat of arms, and bracelets that were a subtle yet luminous feat of glitter.

Needless to say, the all new Conquêtes Regalia jewelry line by Louis Vuitton is an absolute feast for the eyes, and it beautifully incorporates the elements of old-world elegance, vintage charm and a modern zest with its quirky color palettes and glamorous pop of sparkle.

This luxurious jewelry collection was showcased in a private and opulent dinner, held last June at the Casa Dei Cavalieri di Rodi of Rome, also known as the House of the Knights of Rhodes. The venue, much like the jewelry collection itself, was drenched with the mysteries and influences of imperial history, as the women of ancient Roman were not only proud collectors of exquisite jewelry pieces, but they also claimed complete ownership of their trinkets and were allowed to buy and sell these pieces as they wanted to.

Louis Vuitton drew its inspiration from the Roman history of women empowerment and ownership, and showcased a beguiling variety of regally glamorous trinkets that signified the essence of a strong and independent femme. We adored the recurring elements of motifs and horned symbols of regal might that depict a legacy of power, such as the diamond-studded medallions and chains laden with exquisite emeralds, tourmalines, garnets and other rare oriental stones. Needless to say, this jewelry collection is fit to ravish an empress!


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