Wedding Rings book by Osnat Gad

Wedding Rings book by Osnat Gad

December 13, 2017

A beautiful book that covers the history of the wedding rings and finds the traces of the past that leads to the ancient Egyptian times. The Egyptians had a faith and belief that the wedding ring has a very strong purpose and was meant to create deeper connection among the ones who wore them. The wedding rings were first seen in the relics of the ancient Egypt and this book explores the traces and the mystery and magic related to the Egyptians Faith. They believed that the wedding is to be worn in the finger which we call the ring finger because it has some veins which directly connects o the heart. The circular shape of the wedding ring, in Ancient Egypt was considered as the symbols of eternity while the purpose of wearing it was to develop an eternal love and romance between the spouses.

The artistic and creative mind of the acclaimed ring designer Osnat Gad expressively explores and brings to light the shades and hues connected to the romance and love inherent in the wedding rings and you may find the details extremely lovable and worth reading. According to the writer, the wedding rings have be worn and cherished since stone age and they are always been considered as an emblem of fidelity, romance, faithfulness  and the never ending love that it actually symbolizes.

The Ancient Egyptian traditions related to alluring gold and metallic wedding rings are still preserved in the form of relics and it has gone through very little transformation up till now and we can see various cultures and civilizations wearing and adoring the magic of the wedding rings that serves as an invisible but strong bond between two lovers. Although you might find the designs of the rings simpler in ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece while the later ages have seen more of the embellishment and carving on this tiny token of love and that ancient gold and vintage might have taken place of titanium and diamonds but the fundamental concept remains the same and that is the ritual of giving and wearing it as a symbol of union and eternal love.

The western wedding ring tradition has been traced to the Ancient Greece and Rome where the wedding rings were considered as essential to be gifted and worn while it was called an important part of the dowry but the thought behind this gift to the spouse was always to make a bond of love and fidelity.

The chapters of the book are organized in the masterly way and in the chronological order to convey the intrinsic message to the readers about the process of the gradual evolution of the wedding rings in the form of concepts, rituals and appearances of it. Osnat Gad has beautifully described in very engaging tone about how development of the wedding rings’ appearance by the passage of time has actually improved the craftsmanship and inscriptions. Gad also explains the aesthetical artisans of the modern wedding rings and dazzling photographs enhance the beauty of words.


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