OGI’s Take on First Love & the Combat between Desires & Fear

OGI’s Take on First Love & the Combat between Desires & Fear

November 28, 2019


OGI’s Take on First Love & the Combat between Desires & Fear

At OGI, love and romantic relationships are the driving force that inspires our creativity and art, and we are dedicated to providing loving couples masterfully crafted trinkets to celebrate and commemorate their bond. First love is an unmatched experience, one that can set your heart on fire, and quench the thirst within your soul at the same time.

The desire to be in a loving relationship can often trump the fear of being slighted or worse, cheated on, but it is important to remember that the greatest joys in life only come when you are brave enough to face your fear. A loving and heartfelt relationship is undoubtedly the most precious gift one can ever hold dear, and we at OGI strongly encourage you to cherish this bounty with all your heart.


Navigating First Love & Relationships

Working one’s way through heartbreaking relationships and unrequited love can be daunting and difficult, but when true love finally knocks on your door, it is important to open the door with a cheery disposition.



First love is a glorious feeling, and even though it doesn’t come with an age limit or warning, you can recognize it by the nerve-tickling feeling of butterflies dancing across your tummy. It is a period of utter bliss and joy, and at OGI, this is just the kind of love we want to celebrate with our intricately carved ornaments and trinkets.

You see, first love allows you to experience the beauty and inner peace that comes from loving another soul with passion and the urge to go on risky adventures. Many of us experience first love in High school, and for many of us, it ends in despair or unwanted baggage of emotions.

Luckily, the tale of love and romance doesn’t end at first love, but in fact, your first encounter with passionate emotions is just the beginning!


Combatting Fear & Desires

After facing a string of unfruitful relationships and going through a heartbreaking breakup, many find themselves struggling to accept the good and the bad sides of romance. While you can reprimand yourself for making bad choices, it is important not to be hard on yourself, because giving into love is the most natural human response to passion and desire.

It is important to get back up and put yourself out there in the dating pool, even if you aren’t actively going out of your way to land a date. At OGI, we believe that there is a soul out there for every one of us, and it is only a matter of time before the sparks fly and magic takes over!

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