OGI-Ltd Presents Alternatives for Brides who Detest Traditional Rings & Family Heirlooms

OGI-Ltd Presents Alternatives for Brides who Detest Traditional Rings & Family Heirlooms

September 04, 2019

Standard rules and norms about engagement rings certainly do not apply on brides who feel overwhelmed and annoyed by such notions. We at OGI-Ltd. believe that your engagement ring should be everything that you want it to be. It should be a perfect embodiment of your personal sense of style and jewelry tastes.

We have picked out some amazing alternatives for brides who detest the idea of flaunting hand-me-down family heirlooms and standard wedding bands.

Here, take a look:


Multi-Colored Gemstones

Do you think that a sparkly diamond or ruby eng

agement ring will never suit your personal sense of style? Many women don’t believe that their jewelry tastes can never be complimented with sparkly diamonds and elegant wedding bands. They want their engagement rings to reflect the fire in their personality and the passion in their soul.

We at OGI Ltd. have a fabulous idea: why not invest in a multi-colored gemstones engagement ring? That is truly the perfect trick to make sure your engagement ring features all your birthstone, and even those of your husband for that matter. It will also give you a colorful and bold statement that you can flaunt every day!


Elegant Sapphires

Sapphires are indeed one of the most charming and elegant stones known to womankind, and the best part is that they can be shopped and designed in a wide variety of color schemes, size variations, and cut selections. You can create a dazzling sapphire ring surrounded with princess cut or even delicately sized diamonds.

Or you can create a stunning spectacle of gemstones by pairing up sapphires with rubies or other stones that you fancy. Sapphires are a wonderful stone to work around with, and we at OGI Ltd. can provide you an abundance of inspiration.


Yellow Gold

Sparkly and shiny diamonds are certainly not for everyone, and not all woman appreciate the charm of gemstones either, no matter how exquisite the rubies and the sapphires. Yellow gold is a great alternative for women who appreciate the minimalism charm of sleek and contemporary rings.

You can create yellow gold bands in a wide range of stunning and modern variations. You can invest in ergonomic and organic yellow gold designs, Egyptian-inspired statements, or even pair up a sleek yellow gold band with diamonds or rubies.


Pearls & Diamonds

If you want to create a piece that is truly out of the world, and distinctively unique in its dramatic appeal, we at OGI Ltd. strongly urge you to experiment with both, pearls and diamonds. When infused together into one statement ring, pearls and diamonds combine to create an intensely romantic and traditional design that will put all other rings to shame. You will certainly proud to flaunt this one on your ring, especially if you design the band in solid gold.


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