How to Buy a Wedding Band?

How to Buy a Wedding Band?

December 08, 2017

A wedding band or wedding ring is the most precious jewelry item of a bride. It’s a symbol of her love and fidelity to her spouse and, according to Ancient Egyptian cultural fable, its being worn on the finger which has veins directly connected to heart. This proves the wedding band to symbolize a never ending and the heart-felt bond between the two lovers. The wedding band of olden days were of plain metallic or simple designs but as the time passed by the more intricacy and sophisticated carving got involved in wedding bands manufacturing skills. If you are baffled about which wedding band style, design, and material to choose for your big day! Here we have some tips and tricks to guide you in this matter.

The metal of the Ring

You will be wearing your wedding band combined with your engagement ring therefore keep the metal and style in mind while buying an wedding band. If you have an engagement ring made of Gold the totally different metal of wedding band would look odd when worn with it. Try to choose the same kind of metal and slightly complementary style.

Make your Style Statement

Choose whether Gold, Diamond or Vintage or any other kind of metal that suits you the best and looks beautiful to you. Try not to buy a wedding band which is so fabulous that it overpowers your engagement ring. Traditionally you will be wearing the wedding band connected with your engagement ring in the third finger and if they are complementing to each other’s beauty than it will look very stylish.

Ring stacking Trend

In many cultures, the wedding ring is worn along with the wedding band and engagement ring in the same finger and this stacking of ring. Great news for you! This stacking of rings is the latest fashion trend of Fall/Winter 2017-2018. You can buy the same metal and slightly different designs of the wedding bands, rings and engagement rings to look stunning on you special day.

Select the Ones that could Bear Size Adjustments

After your wedding, you will be wearing your wedding band constantly and in case of weight gain or loss it will have to go through size readjustments to fit your finger comfortably. So, you should buy the kind of metal and design that won’t lose its shape and originality in such case.

Set a Budget

Buying a perfect wedding band will be extremely tiresome if you are not sure how much amount you would be spending on it. If you plan to buy a plain gold band and want some personalized design and gem stone’s addition you must keep in view that it will cost higher than the original price of the band.

Buy According to your lifestyle

You should remember that you will be wearing this band forever and it should be easier for you to carry according to your lifestyle and profession. For example if you or your partner is doing a job with hands you should look for simpler ones which are with less or no gemstones and carvings.



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