Iconic Moments of Sparkle & Bling that hold Eternal Charm in the History of Fashion

Iconic Moments of Sparkle & Bling that hold Eternal Charm in the History of Fashion

July 24, 2019

We at OGI have always found inspiration in the iconic bejeweled statements from our favorite celebrities, timeless pop culture statements, and fashion moments. In this article, we will share this inspiration with you.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

We are still swooning over the gorgeous and glitzy Marilyn Monroe dancing to the high-pitched song that became a mantra for women back in the 50s. Her glamorous pink gown and those chandelier diamonds sparkling on her neck and wrists inspire us at Chillatto even after all these years.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Holly Golightly love for Tiffany’s is a lovely story has given all jewelry designers heaps of inspiration for all girls to relate to her love for diamonds and sparkly trinkets.


Regal Tiaras

Queen Elizabeth II was a powerful fashion icon of her time, and with each political engagement and royal visit, her carefully selected and exquisitely curated jewels would woo the onlookers with their majestic glamour. Her gorgeous diamond tiara and pearl-drop chandelier earrings with matching necklace, worn on the royal visit to Copenhagen back in 1957, are remembered as an iconic statement that inspired the bijou industry for years to come!


Liz Taylor’s Ravenous Appetite for Bling

Elizabeth Taylor adored diamonds, and her collection was undoubtedly the most impressive. Crystal statement earrings. She was not only the proud owner of the world-famous Krupp diamond and La Peregrina natural pearl, but she also owned an impressive and extensive collection of glitzy diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires and much more.


Sophia Loren’s Italian Glamour

This Italian bombshell was the very definition of glamour and opulence back in the ‘70s, and her love for sparkly diamond earrings still makes us swoon with joy.


Lady Diana & Timeless Elegance

The beloved Lady Diana always brims us up with endless pools of inspiration with her everlasting elegance, and we cannot get over her gorgeous crystal beaded ball gown, created by renowned Japanese designer, Hachi, for a gala in Washington D.C, back in 1985.


Whitney Houston’s Glitzy Performance

In 1987, Whitney Houston stormed the stage in a glitzy and energetic performance that left us bewitched with its sparkle and of course, the magic of her voice.


Madonna’s Love for Harry Winston

Madonna has been a die-hard fan of Harry Winston diamonds, and she created a gorgeously bedazzled statement with a crystal-studded gown for the Academy Awards, 1991.

Sparkling in Harry Winston jewels and a bedazzled gown, with Michael Jackson, at the 1991 Academy Awards.


Titanic’s Heart of the Ocean Necklace

Every woman who has seen and loved the movie Titanic has, at least once in her life, dreamt of wearing that charming Heart of the Ocean necklace worn by Kate Winslet. It is an insanely gorgeous trinket, studded with diamonds and sapphires.


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