Bracelets – A Meaningful, Timeless Accessory

Bracelets – A Meaningful, Timeless Accessory

August 07, 2019



Bracelets have been a popular accessory among men and women since time immemorial. In ancient times, when there was no concept of fashion, trend or style – bracelets or armbands were valued for their spiritual powers more than their aesthetical or ornamental worth. In Greek and Aztec civilizations, gods, demi-gods and warriors used to wear certain sort of beads, charms, ropes and stones as armbands or wrist-wear – they believed it brought them good luck, prosperity and victory. Centuries later, in old Egyptian, Native American and Asian cultures, the norm of wearing various sorts of bracelets or anklets and the belief that it carried some super magical powers continued to prevail.

Jumping on to the 21st century, bracelets continue to be one of the most coveted fashion accessory in style for both men and women. This is an accessory on which fashion trends have direct impacts. From heavy thick metal chain bracelets featuring some stones to delicate and dainty chains featuring charms for women -  the 2018 trend report for fashion accessories predicts that various variations of arm-candies would be in this year. 

One of the most popular charm bracelets today is of infinity sign. Mathematically speaking, an infinity sign represents anything that is beyond measures – and maybe that is the reason, it has hit it off with the young fashionistas of this decade. It has become one of the popular gifts to present on birthdays, festivals, holidays and anniversaries. What can be a better way of expressing your feelings for someone than presenting them with an infinity charm bracelet?

There also has been an increase in the craze of wearing birth stones among the millennials lately. Wearing your birth stone around your wrist in form of a bracelet, not only is aesthetically pleasing but your birth stone may actually reflect positive vibes and create a pleasant aura around you. For a variety of unique gemstone charm bracelets,

Hand-stamped charm bracelets are also a quite unique way of expressing your individuality; a style that fashion forward men and women both really appreciate. Already, wearing your heart on your sleeve? Just make it a thousand times better with a personalized message, date, name or quote; it would be more meaningful and more you.


Other than chains, woven threads, leather bracelets with coins, tiny sparkly diamond balls, star charms are immensely popular. It is a beautiful way of expressing your-self in elegance and style.


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