Cushion Morganite Weighing 4.40 Carat and Diamond Cocktail Ring



Featuring a unique 18k Rose gold ring with cushion shape Morganite

Morganite weight 4.41 carat

Diamond weight 0.52 carats. 

Pink Morganite is a favorite in jewelry, especially in engagement rings. 

The pink tint of the gold and copper alloy brings out the subtle blush tones of one’s skin. Despite its popularity in today’s jewelry, rose gold didn’t get its start until the 19th century in Imperial Russia

Morganite belongs to the same gemstone family of emeralds, aquamarine and golden beryl. Among these beryl, morganite and the raspberry-red bixbite are the rarest.

The trend of stacking rings is a set of colorful rings that are placed onto a finger to create a statement of your creativity.

OGI has received much acclaim throughout the years, winning top industry honors and garnering praise for innovation in jewelry. Today OGI is well established in the bridal and accessory industry, sold in over 250 stores worldwide.

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