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A One of a Kind Natural Burma Ruby & Diamond Ring, GIA Certificate



Featuring a one of a kind platinum ring with natural Magok ruby weighting 1.62 carats, no heat, Country of Origin Myanmar.

Ring is surrounded by 2 triangle cut diamonds weighting 0.20 carats and with halo melee diamonds weighting 0.65 carats.

Magok, is Myanmar’s legendary valley of rubies; the source of many of the world’s most fabulous gems.  Fine quality rubies that have documentation of Burmese origin from an independent laboratory like GIA command a premium in the market.

OGI has received much acclaim throughout the years, winning top industry honors and garnering praise for innovation in jewelry.

Today OGI is well established in the bridal and accessory industry, sold in over 100 stores worldwide.

GIA reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity. You May check all GIA reports, providing you with an additional level of assurance. With Report Check, you can quickly and conveniently confirm that the information on your report matches what is archived in the GIA report database.

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