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Gold Ring with Cabochon Emerald Surrounded by E.C & Round Diamonds



Featuring one of a kind 18k white gold ring with cabochon Columbia emerald weighting 5.20 carats with two EC Diamonds weighting 0.40 and  surrounded by melee diamonds weighting 1.75 carats. 

Ring measures 17.5x15.5 mm.

A cabochon, from the French word caboche (meaning "head"), is a gemstone which has been shaped and polished as opposed to faceted. The resulting form is usually a convex (rounded) obverse with a flat reverse.

Each gemstone is unique with a special color, birthplace and story. Some gemstones have been treasured since before history began and others are only discovered recently.

Emerald Cut shape draws its name from the stone rectangular cut. The Emerald Cut shape was used to enhance the richness of colored gemstones. A large table and a deep pavilion in the gemstone enhance the light in the center of the stone, deepen and intensify its vivid color.

Today OGI is well established in the bridal and fashion industry sold in over 250 stores worldwide. 

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