14 Karat White Gold Diamond Bezel Set Pendant 0.12 Carat



Bezel set diamond weighing 0.12 carat pendant.

Necklace: 18" long with spring lock.

Diamond color and clarity H SI Bezel.

settings use a type of elevated collar which wraps the rim of the gemstone in a complete metal edging. This type of setting is the most secure fastener for the stones. The bezel setting also protects the gemstone better than other types of settings, such as the prong setting.

The word pendant derives from the Latin word "pendere", a French word "pendre", both of which translate to "to hang down". It is a charm or charms which hang from a pendant and is attached by a small loop to a necklace, which is also known as a "pendant necklace". Available only through our website Diamond quality H SI


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