Blue and Yellow Ceylon Sapphire Diamond Ring Weighing 8.26 carat



GIA certified ring featuring one of a kind four carat and 95 point

Ceylon Sapphire Ring is set in 18 karat white gold Kite shape yellow sapphire weight 2.66 carat

Diamond pave-set weighing 0.65 carat Diamond quality G VS

GIA certificate # 217119815

GIA reports represent the highest standard of reliability, consistency and integrity

Ring size 5.75 In Stock

Ring can be resized

Our design team select gemstones for their quality, aesthetic beauty and sale value of the featured item Wear and time will change the gemstone's look, not the actual gemstone, thus our team prefers to use brighter color gemstones to enhance the longevity and beauty of the jewel Unless the gemstone is of investment value, please note that all our designer pieces feature bright and lively gemstone Our diamond quality is GH color making sure that the jewel will retain its aesthetic beauty and value for many years For any further questions about our designer pieces, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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