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Symbolic Significance of Precious Stones

Symbolic Significance of Precious Stones

November 18, 2017

The colors, properties and myths around gemstones are very fascinating. From their origin that dates back to as old as 25,000 years ago, precious stones have symbolized an array of elements through the different ages of time. Having significance in varied cultures, traditions and folklore, gemstones have a rich history of influence and impact on civilizations gone by.

In the olden days, jewelry was carved out of animal bones, skin, teeth and claws. The originating purpose of wearing jewelry came from the delusion that these accessories protected mankind from evil and bad luck. People wore it to bring good fortune and glad tidings to their kismet.

As time progressed, precious stones were carved from natural minerals in the earth. A variety of stones and gems were later discovered through the years which became a symbol of human connection, pride, honor and status.

Gemstones are now the most valuable objects in jewelry. Gemologists who study about gems have learned about hundreds of precious stones and owing to their knowledge; we are now able to classify them in different classes and categories.

Gems and precious stones carry within them an energy that attracts and repels various forces in their environment. People now wear jewelry to achieve certain goals which they feel can be attracted by the power of certain precious stones. On the contrary, people also wear certain stones to protect themselves from disparity. 

A Symbol of Luxury

Many precious stones are now a symbol of luxury, indulgence and extravagance. Gemstones such as diamonds, ruby, emerald and the likes are now the dignity of affluent, wealthy and flourishing people in any society. These stones reflect the financial well-being of a family and are mostly adorned by the royals, businessmen and well-to-do working people. They are a rarity on their own and thus, gain their importance and significance from their uncommonness.

A Symbol of Celebration

Because gemstones are rare and expensive for the average, middle-class masses, precious stones are often used to mark an important occasion. They are not used widely as a daily essential but they represent a huge milestone in a person’s life. A band of precious stones, a diamond jewelry set or a simple stud ring; all of these are used in variations to celebrate an occasion such as weddings. They serve to be a token of happiness and expression of love at heartfelt moments in a person’s life.


A Symbol of Good Charm

Following the traditions and customs of ancient times, gemstones are still believed to void off evil spirits, misfortune and bad luck from the lives of the ones who adorn them. Legends believe that placing an emerald stone under your tongue gives you the ability to foresee the future in clear consciousness and mind clarity. Hindu folklore believed that ruby offered safety and peace to mankind however, in ancient medieval times, Europeans believed that rubies brought health, wisdom and success in love.

Such is the world of gemstones. Interesting and fascinating at the same time and the depths of which are deeper than the oceans and higher than the skies. It is only a matter of diving within!




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