Jewelry Trends from the Couture Fashion Show

Jewelry Trends from the Couture Fashion Show

March 25, 2020

The Haute Couture Show in Paris each year brings a fairy tale into real life with its extravagant dresses, lavish accessories and exquisite jewelry pieces. It is the one fashion show where designers keep aside the debacle of affordability, sustainability and practicality of fashion and take a deep daring plunge of going over the top with their luxurious fabrication and ornamentation whenever inspiration strikes them. The Haute Couture Runway shows this year as well were a whirlwind of all things excellent including the fabulous one-of-its-kind jewelry pieces.

Like every year, this year as well almost all luxury brands showcased their finest jewelry collections – the haute joaillerie. It was one of the most extravagant and spectacular display of world’s most prestigious jewelry. From white diamonds to emeralds and sapphires – it was refreshing to see the superior artistry and craftsmanship of jewelry designer in the peculiar inclusion of various gems in the making of fine delicate jewelry pieces.

Some of the most innovative, unique and well-crafted pieces displayed at the Haute Couture Runway shows in Paris are below. Feast your eyes. And, if you see anything you like, feel free to browse through the stunning jewelry collection available at  , since the website has a lot of beautiful stuff that can give you a very Haute Couture feel!

1- The Legendry Diamond Necklace by Chanel

This may come as no surprise that white diamonds were a roaring rage in the Paris Haute Couture runway shows; while there were various intricate and well-done designs, this one takes the cake. Featuring 1200 white diamonds, the main focus of this beautiful princess necklace is an intense 30.19c yellow diamond. You cannot just say no to its beauty!

2- Boucheron Humming Bird Ring


Another out of the box yet still classy-looking piece of jewelry was done by Boucheron this year – a white and yellow gold Humming Bird Ring. The focus was a huge yellow beryl stone, supplemented by two shiny green emeralds and a few yellow sapphires. The white diamonds gave the ring a very royal feel! Definitely an eye candy!

3- Pear-shaped Emeralds Necklace & Ring by Chopard


Emeralds were seen in quite a few pieces this year. Chopard featured a 18.7c pear-shaped emerald as a central piece to one of its most luxurious white gold and diamond necklace. The piece further had various other pear-shaped emeralds to enhance the beauty of the piece. The brand also featured many rings with Emeralds being the center pieces. It looks like Emeralds would be trending for spring 2018.

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