Royal Emeralds: OGI Ltd's Favorite Stones from the Magnificent Al Thani Collection

Royal Emeralds: OGI Ltd's Favorite Stones from the Magnificent Al Thani Collection

August 14, 2019

The insanely talented team of creative bijou designers behind OGI Ltd are obsessed with emeralds and their classic charm, which is why, we simply couldn’t help but be inspired by the gorgeous Al Thani Collection.

The world-renowned Al Thani Collection made its debut at Christie’s, as part of the Maharajas & Mughal Magnificence showcase, auctioned on 19th June, 2019. It was a glamorous spectacular of regal charm and Mughal extravagance, and the emerald-studded jewelry pieces are indeed the most precious amongst the 400 rare royal jewels auctioned in the showcase.

Mughal Emperors, particularly Shah Jahan, harbored a strong fascination with Colombian emeralds, which had been brought to the marketplaces of India by the Spanish Conquistadors back in the 16th and 17th centuries. In the Mughal treasury, emeralds and green gemstones represented the energy of life, and the green was symbolic for the flora, which is carved by the azure sky coupled with the energy of the golden sun


Naturally, the greater the emerald in size, the more significance it held in terms of transmitting spiritual energy into the wearer. The one piece that captivated our imagination and drove the team behind OGI ltd frantic with curiosity was a massive ring featured a gigantic emerald, surrounded with a sleek and mysterious hidden gold band. This magnificent ring was showcased at Christie’s with a brief description, which read, “Ring, India, sixteenth century. Emerald with gold sleeve.”

This magnificent centuries’ old ring puts to shame the simplicity of modern minimalist and glamour, and presents a standard of excellent quality, which is simply unattainable in modern jewelry designing and manufacturing practices. Despite the advancements in gemstone cutting technologies and innovation craftsmen trainings, exquisitely carving out such a gigantic and superior quality emerald is a hard-to-actualize dream.

Another decorative and exquisitely emerald that deserves appreciation and praise for its originality is the stunning ‘Shah Jahan Emerald’. We at OGI ltd strongly believe that this exquisite emerald derives its beauty and charm from the lack of superfluous decorations, and the fact that it is carved out in a simplistic and purely charming design. This beauty has survived centuries, and history revealed that it was polished, cut and carved for the Mughal Emperor in Deccan, while some narratives believe that it was carved in North India, sometime between 1621 and 1622.

It was an utter delight to feast our eyes on the stunning spectacle of Mughal era emeralds, jewelry pieces and stones. At OGI Ltd, we always seek influence for iconic historic designs, and centuries’ old royal jewelry collections.




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