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Party Jewellery – The latest Trends 2017-2018

Party Jewellery – The latest Trends 2017-2018

November 04, 2017

The fashion trends have gone through a sensational change as the recent collections for the fall/winter 2017-2018 been launched by the top brands of the world and we can see an abundance of creative and innovative ideas to revive our wardrobe. The party girls always love to get the unique and stunning ideas to get dressed and be a complete fashion icon but only a trendy outfit won’t serve the purpose. You must be aware of trendiest new jewellery ideas and styles which are runway approved too. Here are some of the hottest and dazzling new jewellery trends being noticed on the recent Paris Couture Show 2017 which are must-haves for the party freaks who want to be in the limelight.

Mismatched yet Stunning

The latest Fashion weeks such as Paris Couture has visibly broken the monotonous ideas of ornaments by mismatching the pairs and yet being so stylish that you won’t be able to resist the urge of following the trends. The subtle difference between the color, size or stones creates such an amazing aura of inspiration which leaves you dazzled. The expert designers in the jewellery fashion industry have different opinions about this rising routine-bursting trends and Sophie Quy, who is senior fine jewellery buyer at Net-a- Porter expresses her views frankly by claiming that the mismatching ornaments  has an intension to represent the individuality of a person and not the status. “People aren’t necessarily buying for the diamonds value; they’re buying because it works so well with their new dress for a special even.” So it can be approved as a hot party trend to add oomph to your fancy attire.

The Haute Joaillerie Collection

Looking for some mesmerizing pieces of jewellery to simply rock the party! Try the wide range of trendiest items released in the Haute Joaillerie Collection. The statement earrings, the fine necklaces and even ankle bracelets are too gorgeous to resist.  The Chanel Haute Joaillerie collection launched in the recent runways of Paris and London, were as alluring as they have always been expected to be. The items expressively represented the beauty and imperfections of nature in the most luxurious way. The colors used in the collection were also inspired from the wheat and crop while the twinkling yellow hints of diamond and sapphires reminded us of the ripe grains in the harvesting season.

The fine Party Jewellery

The past years have seen a vast consumer’s desired revolution of the jewellery items from the minimalism to baroque, with the commendable lead of Gucci. While the fashion Gurus have predicted that a new term has been actually taking place in the market and it’s called The Party Jewellery. The recent post in New York Times has confirmed the designer’s now tend to devise the jewellery objects which may sparkle and shimmer in the party lights and look simple stunning and awesome when paired up with your fancy and sexy party wears. Now you won’t have to spend extra time worrying about which jewellery would be perfectly teaming up with your gorgeous party wear! You can opt to buy customized ornaments for the purpose.


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