Pantone Colors 2018 – What’s the Inspiration behind the Pantone Colors in Fine Jewelry Design Trends in 2018?

Pantone Colors 2018 – What’s the Inspiration behind the Pantone Colors in Fine Jewelry Design Trends in 2018?

January 07, 2018

Ending the ‘Greenery’ shades of 2017, the Pantone has announced the sensational new color of the year 2018, UltraViolet. It is the color of visionary thinking about life in future, a vibrant shade of imagination and tranquility. This blue-based purple is a shade that triggers our minds for the future endeavors, advancement of technology, inspire creativity. The fashion industry is always the first one to absorb the shade of the year and spread the variety of designs and hues of that color mesmerizing the viewers and making them realize that freshness in the fashion scene because of the change of the color of the year. Almost all the ruling fashion brands and gigantic designer’s houses have entered in exhibiting there inherent creative skills for this extravaganza of UltraViolet. From the clothing designs to other accessories, the Pantone color of 2018 can already be seen in the recent fashion weeks with the supreme creativity and aestheticism. The jewelry designers can be seen stepping ahead with the innovative ideas to celebrate the fresh color of the year; especially the recent launches of the top high or fine jewelry designers are vividly complimenting the mysteries of the universe in the finely designed intricate jewelry items.

The highly creative and skilled designers in the jewelry industry have always presented the most inspirational items of jewelry with the sophisticated and stunning styles that dazzled the runways. The recent announcement of Pantone color of the year has opened new horizons to the fine jewelry genre and it can drift them away from the traditional metals, jewels, and materials in the jewelry making art and inspire them to bring more colors and hues of the universe to the spotlight. It gives more scope to the vibrant colors intermingled with the gold, silver, white gold, diamonds, and sparkling pearls. Some of the favorite gemstones such as amethyst, iolite, tanzanite, spinel and violet sapphire are chosen ones to add glitz and glam to the designs of fine jewelry for the year 2018.

The calmer and spiritual side of the ultraviolet, purple or Indigo can have the deep impact on the wearer of the higher end jewelry items. It is bewitching, it provokes mediation and its influence can already be seen in the top jewelry designing brands product launches and runways. 

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