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The OGI’s Sculptured and Chandelier Earrings

Oversized Pairs of Earrings to buy This Fall/Winter 2017-2018

November 26, 2017

The season has changed and the latest and innovative fashion collections related to the fall/winter 2017-2018 have been launched by all of the top brands of the world. If you go through the recent top and influential fashion weeks such as Paris and London Fashion Weeks, you will find one accessory that prevailed rather dominated the whole events of voguish looks and that’s the large oversized earrings. Nothing is more prevalent jewellery item this fall/winter 2017-2018 than supersized and eye catching earrings that have marked their own statement. There are numerous kinds and styles of large sized earrings to choose from. The hottest Kendall Jenner and Rihanna styled large Hoops or the stunning and hefty mismatched ones, you can shop and opt to wear with almost everything from casual to formal attire and never go wrong.

Celerity Styled Hefty Hoops

The 90s Disco era has revived with the oversized hoop earrings in metallic or patterned styles. A large number of celebs have been spotted wearing them around; Hailey Baldwin’s vita fede hoops, Bella Hadid in Monte Carlo, Kendall Jenner’s double-hoops and Joan Smalls in metallic Michael Kors’ Collections. You can boldly pair them with jeans and button-down shirt or peasant blouse or even maxi dresses you won’t miss the highly voguish looks. Michael Kors’ golden version in thick and metallic and Fendi favored colorful hoops have prevailed the most Fall 2017 fashion weeks.

The OGI’s Sculptured and Chandelier Earrings

There are more intricate and sculptured earrings presented by OGI that marked the style in the form of a piece of art to be worn in the ears in large size. The day time looks or night party style never seems to be complete now without these huge masterpieces sparkling around your face. The chandelier-styled oversized earrings are worth a try as they outshine all the rest of jewellery ornaments. The models at Delpozo were noticed flaunting these massive pieces of art made of colored sequins and beads, brushing their shoulders and hair tied back tightly to complete the dazzling look.

Massive and Mismatched Earrings

The larger than life earrings in hoops have been a statement making accessory this fall and just to add the oomph, the celebrities and models have been wearing them in slightly or stark mismatched shapes or styles. There are certain ideas that the designers have following while doing the ‘break the norms’ kind of mix and match of different styles of earrings in one pair. The metal tone can be same but there is a playful contrast in the angles and lines of the earrings, the slightly edgy contrast of one large hoop in one side while multiple ones in other side is also the hottest style to follow.

Vintage Statement Earring

Nothing can be more iconic than the antique vintage style and that too in oversized style! You can always opt to wear them with white or black outfits and flaunt your style in the unique yet trendy way.

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