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Outstanding Engagement Ring Trends We Expect To Stay Strong

Outstanding Engagement Ring Trends We Expect To Stay Strong

October 19, 2017

During your wedding celebration, one of the details that most people will really want to know about is your ring. The ring can be such an exciting and thrilling part when you are engaged or getting engaged! Whether it is a unique silhouette or a single stone on a delicate band, your engagement ring is a tangible and visible symbol of an exciting new step that you and your partner have taken. So, what are our swoon-worthy trends this year?  Let us have a glance at some of the top engagement ring trends of 2017 that we expect to stay strong.

  • Surprise Details. ...
  • Distinctive Diamond Halos. ...
  • The New Three-Stone Styles. ...
  • Rose-on-Rose Rings. ...
  • Geometric Designs. ...
  • Colorful Jewel-Toned Rings. ...
  • Scalloped Pavé Accents.

These are few of the trending engagement rings that we are loving this year and we expect to stay strong, for more details on each of these rings you can check this article by Robyn through the link below https://www.brilliantearth.com/news/todays-top-engagement-trends/

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