OGI’s Verdict on Angelina Jolie’s stunning Gold Corset

OGI’s Verdict on Angelina Jolie’s stunning Gold Corset

November 19, 2019


OGI’s Verdict on Angelina Jolie’s stunning Gold Corset

Angelina Jolie’s stunning costume-inspire ensembles have made headlines ever since the starlet stepped out on the red carpet for the first premier of her widely anticipated film sequel, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil. Los Angeles and other fashion capitals across the world were abuzz with the glamour and intricacy of the gold corset, and the team behind OGI has also been obsessing over the 50-carat diamond jewel that adorned her hips.

Attending the premiere of her film in London, Angelina Jolie, once again, stunned us all with a unique and unusually glamorous statement trinket, designed and curated by some of the finest jewelry maestros in the world.

Tamara Ralph, the style maestro at Ralph & Russo, asked London-based German goldsmith Sabine Roemer to assist her for this rather ambitious and stunning ensemble for Angelina Jolie. Tamara is the creative brain behind many of the ensembles and costumes flaunted by Angelina in Maleficent, and for the starlet’s red carpet appearance, the Ralph & Russo designer wanted to create a stunningly unusual and strikingly special statement.


Just two weeks before the premiere, Tamara got in touch with Sabine Roemer, and roped her into collaborating on the most stunning gold corset the fashion industry has ever seen!

As with every masterpiece, Sabine started the project by taking her measurements with the help of a mannequin designed to fit Angelina’s body and figure shape. The corset was masterfully crafted with a base metal, molding the design with intricate cuts and a dramatic appeal. Then, the ace goldsmith embellished the corset with 24-Karat fine gold and adjusted the color scheme to give it a nostalgically charming appeal of an antique.

Sabine reveals that the entire process of creating the stunning gold corset took more than 50 hours, and the process behind her stunning masterpiece reveals the concentration and hard work that goes into giving birth to whimsical, fairytale designs. We at OGI have always been attracted and inspired by costume jewelry and whimsical accents, and this gold corset has stolen our hearts for all the right reasons!


The minimal and charming antique vibe of the corset certainly brought out the best in Angelina’s dress, creating a highly befitting statement for the evil fairy queen that she plays in her blockbuster fantasy movie sequel. We absolutely adore the gilded gold appearance and color adjusted palette of the gold corset, and Angelina certainly carried it with immense grace and poise.

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