NYFW SS20: OGI’s Picks for the Hottest Jewelry Trends of the Season

NYFW SS20: OGI’s Picks for the Hottest Jewelry Trends of the Season

January 04, 2020

NYFW SS20: OGI’s Picks for the Hottest Jewelry Trends of the Season

The runways of the New York Fashion Week celebrated the alluring designs presented by some of the most noteworthy and covetable jewelry maestros and designers, and the team behind OGI was overjoyed at the spectacular displays. Jewelry designers emerged as a strong presence at the NYFW SS20, innovating and dazzling the trend radar with a plethora of super-functional designs and priceless pieces that you would love to add to your wardrobe.

Here, take a look at our picks from the trend radar:


Clever Color Contrasting

credit Vanity Fair

The bijou radar is obsessed with the clever color contrasting trend of pairing up fiery and vibrant hews with understated and muted neutrals. This rather charming juxtaposition of precious stones and rare gems was indeed the boldest, most powerful trend on the runways, and we were utterly transfixed by the pieces displayed at the showcase by Brandon Maxwell. These beautiful and unique trinkets are infused with a bold, attention-grabbing vibe as it allows you to flaunt a multitude of color palettes and gemstones in one piece.


Statement Chains

Chains have made a stunning revival at the NYFW SS20, and while this trend has been doing rounds of runways and red carpets for years, this season, the trend has gotten bigger, better and bolder. Heavy, chunky and bold chains are all the rage this season, and from earrings and chokers to stunning rings, bracelets and more, this is one trend that is going to be BIG in 2020.

You can always explore chunky and heavy chain-link necklaces and bracelets, or pick out a lightweight combination in yellow and white gold, alongside exploring stunning rose gold palettes. Chain link earrings are a must-have trend for the season, and we fell in love with Ana Kouri’s designs of heavy chain earrings that are lightweight despite their chunky appeal. 


Bohemian Drama

credit: Glowsly

This season, get ready to pair up your blowy and colorful Boho maxi dresses with nostalgic, Victorian-inspired trinkets that exude a powerful vintage appeal. Modern bohemian trends have been blended with the whimsical drama of Victorian accents, and from delicately framed Victorian memorabilia and symbols to edgy bohemian elements, this powerful trend is a definite must-have for the season ahead.


Hoops Galore!

Here’s some glorious news for all the ladies who were worried that hoops are fading from the trend radar: hoops were reigning supreme on the runways, and this season, you get to flaunt them in a stunning variety of color palettes, metals, and styles. From gold, sterling silver and platinum, to sassy half-moon hoops in copper and bronze, hoops dominated the runways with their sassy and edgy retro appeal.

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