Gherardo Felloni: The Man with a Peculiar and Extraordinary Love for Jewelry

Gherardo Felloni: The Man with a Peculiar and Extraordinary Love for Jewelry

November 26, 2018

The prestigious French shoe brand, Roger Vivier, has welcomed a new creative director, Gherardo Felloni, an insanely talented artist with a peculiar love, or shall we say addiction to jewelry and accessories. He is a shoe connoisseur but his love for necklaces certainly knows no bounds.

Gherardo started his career in fashion 15 years ago as an intern at Prada, and today, at the age of 38, he is not only the creative director of one of the most famous shoe brands, but also, the proud collector of many priceless 19th century corsages, cameos, and parures, of which none is faux!

He owns some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelry, for instance the rare parure by Castellani, a 19th century Roman jewelry brand. He has also loaned many of his exquisite pieces to Museo del Gioiello, a jewelry museum in Vicenza, Italy. His love affair with jewels began when he bought his very first ring from Gioielleria Pennisi in Milan, and since then, he owns more than three dozen sets of jewels.

We at OGI are particularly inspired by the fact that instead of storing them up in a safe deposit, Gherardo believes in flaunting them with his everyday looks.

He shared with The New York Times in a recent interview,

“The important thing is not just to own them but to wear them. They represent me, my style and how I dress. I love them instinctively. For me, jewels create confidence. When I wear jewelry, I feel I have the right look. It’s an expression of myself.”


One of his jewelry sets, an exquisite gold foliate brooch that is embellished with a rich assortment of various rare semiprecious gemstones. This brooch was once flaunted by a Florentine princess. He always keeps an assortment of jewels on his side table, mainly his necklaces, brooch, two bracelets, amethyst cabochons, a magnificent tiara and a hair comb.

His absolute favorite bracelet is a Bracelet that is stubbed with three chunky lava-stone cameos, which was originally designed as a souvenir for the 19th century Grand Tour tourists to Pompeii.

Gherardo has designed many of his own jewelry piece. He once designed a gorgeous pair of gold hoop earrings with emeralds and rubies, and an exquisite pendant with silver and diamond wings using a chunky natural pearl that was once flaunted by a Milanese countess of the Second Empire.



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