Fine Jewelry Trends – What’s ‘in’ Right Now?

Fine Jewelry Trends – What’s ‘in’ Right Now?

January 22, 2018

Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts for the holiday season – or for any season, celebration or occasion really. Whether you just want to make the Lady-love of your life feel extra special for no reason or commemorating an important milestone together – something sparkly, a little bling is bound to make the evening of your partner extra special. Keep reading if you want some assistance in finding an exquisite piece of fine jewelry for your lady this season.

While big, bold and chunky statement necklaces, chandelier earrings and futuristic sunglasses were in the full boom during the fashion shows for spring/summer 2018, the fine jewelry trends were also moderately redefined on the runways. It looks like crystal pendants are going to be all the rage during the spring/summer of the coming years. It is also interesting to note the inclusion of glass in the fine jewelry trends this year.

Spectacular and breathtakingly gorgeous necklaces were showcased by Chanel, Hermes and Balenciaga for their spring/summer fine jewelry collection – this time the design philosophy was a bit of ‘French chic girl meets an elegant diva’ kind. Molded, re-shaped and refined glass pieces were used as pendants in conjunction with gold and silver with intricate detailing. Such an out of box brilliant idea! This is a trend that we foresee getting immensely popular among women of all ages. Because the combination of a glass pendant with silver or gold is a nice twist on the good old crystal – it is unique, it is different yet not very wild.


Water drops seemed to be quite a popular motif in the runway jewelry trends this year. While Chanel went all out of with big chunky water droplet shaped glass earrings, it could totally be re-fashioned in a more subdued and subtle manner. Water droplet shaped pendants are also going to be huge for the upcoming seasons for sure.

Layering pendants, chains, chokers and even rings was a huge jewelry trend during the summers of 2017, and still going pretty strong during the fall and winter season. Well, it looks like layering is here to stay. So, if you really enjoy wearing dainty, delicate, fine jewelry pieces rather than bold statement jewelry, you are really going to cherish this fashion trend.

Dior, Saint Laurent, and Giambattista Valli showcased some ultra-thin and long silver and white gold chains with sparkly pendants featuring precious and semi-precious gems layered together on the runways – we have to admit, it gave off a very royal, very elegant and timeless classic vibe while still staying relevant and trendy to the current fashion scene.


Ear cuffs – after being the ‘it’ thing for a very long time are finally being replaced by the supercharged shoulders, extra-long earrings.  Saint Laurent in particular showcased some phenomenal pieces that cascaded past the shoulders and looked amazingly gorgeous. We deem this trend to be perfect not only for the fashion forward ladies but also the boss-lady kinds. Pulled backed slick hair tied in a bun, a somber looking structure pants suit and these gorgeous supercharged earrings would make a deadly combo.

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