Fine Jewelry design by celebrities: Rihanna, Kendall, Gigi, Bella | who did it the Best?

Fine Jewelry design by celebrities: Rihanna, Kendall, Gigi, Bella | who did it the Best?

January 01, 2018

Who knows better than a super model the best way to dress up or down an outfit using some of the in-trend jewelry pieces, right? In a world of chunky cage earrings, bright tassel and pom pom jewelry, Kendal Jenner was caught sporting some of the most luxurious and most exquisite fine jewelry pieces during her most recent visit to Paris for a spring/summer 2018 fashion show. It was not just the jewelry pieces that made the heads turn or caught the attention of young and mature fashionistas alike all across the globe; it was rather her style of pairing some of the finest jewelry pieces with uber-chic casual going-to-run-some-errands kind of attires. We have to say it was pretty refreshing to see.

While, it has become quote a norm for celebrities to venture into makeup and fashion lines, jewelry is no different. We all remember the Rihanna loves Chopard fine jewelry collection that the glam girl Riri launched earlier this year, just before her makeup line hit Sephora all across the globe and made huge waves about being inclusive and respectful of diversity. The ‘bad gal Riri’ collaborated with Caroline Scheufele of Chopard to design high end jewelry comprising of Chopard diamonds of course, for the first time ever in her career. While, the launch party was high profiled and the jewelry was most certainly high end – the designs Riri came up weren’t exactly something extra special. She managed to design some great statement pieces using Chopard’s diamonds, one of which she used to adorn herself for the launch party at Martinez but if there is someone who actually took the cake for designing dainty exquisite fine jewelry pieces, it has to be Kendall Jenner.

Kendall Jenner collaborated with jewelry brand Ippolita this year and launched her own line of glamorous yet sophisticated fine pieces of jewelry. The model is rarely seen flaunting heavy choker or statement necklaces so it was only natural that she designed this light yet stunning statement necklace all comprising of diamonds that she paired very casually with jeans and some hoops. A very modern and chic take on the classic fine jewelry style!

However, Kendal Jenner isn’t the only super model to collaborate with a jewelry brand and design her exclusive ‘every day statement’ girly-girl jewelry pieces. Gigi and Bella Hadid both have done some remarkable creative work in this field as well.

Bella collaborated with Chrome Hearts earlier this year and came up with a line of feminine pink fur purses and statement chokers. This time, she has jumped on the easy to carry, dainty jewelry pieces bandwagon by shaking hands with French fashion house Zadig & Voltaire. And, this time Bella has focused more on making simple realist everyday jewelry wardrobe essentials such as ear cuffs, light chokers and earrings – all designs are heavily inspired by the sensuality of twisted knots.

Gigi Hadid collaborated with French jewelry brand Messika and launched a capsule jewelry collection. Like Bella’s new col-lab, she also kept things quite thin and light – the jewelry pieces you can easily pair with anything without thinking too much.

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Researched and Edited by Miraj Tahir

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