Fashion Week Jewelry Trends 2017-2018

Fashion Week Jewelry Trends 2017-2018

October 14, 2017

Runway events are always very interesting with several new fashion discoveries from great designers especially in jewelry. The Fall/Winter 2017-2018, there were a handful of everyday jewelry objects.

During this session, we saw Chandelier earrings which illuminated the white crystal king size rings for studio 54 vibes, this special piece is for party girls.


Punk Culture was awesome as the muscular look was led by the Sex Pistol spirit at Junya Watanabe on the runway then it was later moved to the streets. There was also the display of nails, piercings, and barbed wire.

Hand bracelets are great items that are now a new sight to the biggest shows, there was a display of neo bracelets and many women loved them, these bracelets elongate their lines to connect with a stack of rings and trace the feminist nature of every woman’s hand.

Overall, the show was full of Mexican influences, graphic metamorphosis, heavenly necklaces and homage to Calder. You will enjoy more and love them more by taking a look at the various jewelry that was displayed.

You can know more about various jewelry that was displaced during the event through the following articles written by Anne-Sophie Mallard

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