Collaborations among Renowned Fashion Houses and Jewelry Artists

Collaborations among Renowned Fashion Houses and Jewelry Artists - A Celebration of Trends, Arts and Designs

December 20, 2017

Artists and fashion houses collaborations are the front row, fresh off the catwalk kind of the talk of the town right now. The boundaries between what being an ‘artist’ and a ‘designer’ means is also getting porous. It looks like that the entire fashion industry is engulfing every tiny little thing that is moderately related to it – be it cosmetics, hair accessories or hair products, holistic well-being products, fragrances or fine high-end jewelry designs. Everything from dresses to accessories to fine jewelry items is now considered a statement – an expression of one’s self; and a self-expression or self-reflexive for sure required the intricate detailing and finest working of an artist or a designer. Since, in this age of a post-truth world, even fashion is no more a drawing talk, and is perceived as a strong discursive ideological tool, fashion houses are not only accepting and appreciating its power but also venturing out by extending hands to col lab with true designers or the artists of the trade. That is the prime reason so many fashion houses like Chanel, Alexander Macqueen, Verduarm Cartier and Van Cleep got renowned jewelry designers on board to redefine some fashion and jewelry trends.

Chanel's Métiers d'Art

Chanel is one of the most prestigious fashion brands that truly acknowledges the efforts and craftsmanship of its artists on board. This year, Chanel is celebrating its 16th Métiers d'Art show to honor the personalized philosophy, elegance and style its artists brings to the house’s collection each year. Karl Lagerfeld – a German creative art director was responsible for the Métiers d'Art by Chanel this year, which actually took place at its artist’s home town. Lagerfeld paid homage to Herzog & de Meuron – two architects who are behind the magnanimous architecture of the city. Through his fine jewelry designs, the creative director tried to pay respects to the most celebrated postmodern architecture of the city.

Alexander Macqueen

Alexander Macqueen – the luxury fashion and clothing designer shook hands with the great Sarah Burton – who by the way is famous for designing Catherine Middleton’s royal wedding dress – and together this dynamic power duo changed the course of fine high end jewelry. Sarah Burton is not only just a dress designer or a creative artists head at the Alexander Macqueen fashion house, she is better described as a ‘story teller’; by acquiring her services as a creative head the Alexander Macqueen fashion house successfully instilled a new spirit and philosophical vibe in their line. The new jewelry, dress and accessory line designed by Burton for the fashion brand Alexander Macqueen has a strong ancient tribal vibe owing to her self-exploring visit to Cornwell earlier this year.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior – the name of luxury and elegance – has been redefining and refashioning fine jewelry trends for decades now. Being a forefront in fine jewelry trends, whatever Dior creates eventually becomes the style statement of the year. Take crystal or glass drop necklaces for instant, Christian Dior was the first one to introduce rose quartz embellished drop necklaces on the runways earlier this year and now they are huge among fashion forward celebs and millennials alike.


 Osnat Gad 

Edited and Researched by Miraj Tahir 

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