Bijou Radar: Minimalist Jewellery Trends that are All the Rage in 2018

Bijou Radar: Minimalist Jewellery Trends that are All the Rage in 2018

October 26, 2018

Even though statement jewellery and chunky earrings are trending super-hot this year, there are moments when a girl needs to rock jewellery pieces that are minimalist, simplistic and elegantly understated. Contrary to what most people tend to think, minimalist jewellery doesn’t always have to be boring. But in fact, these basic pieces can be flaunted anywhere and everywhere, and with every outfit imaginable to womankind.

That is why we are extremely excited to introduce you to some insanely hot minimalist jewellery trends that are raging hot on both, Instagram stories and glossy runways across the world.

Are you ready to feast your eyes on some low-key jewellery trends for everyday wear?


·        Front-Facing Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are a timeless jewellery trend that will never go out of style, but the modern twist of front-facing hoops gives this timeless trend a more fashion-forward and style savvy statement. Basically, the front-facing hoops come with an eclectically circular and open design, and you can easily clip them on like studs. You can pick these out in any of favourite metal textures, or you can even experiment with front-facing hoops that come with sparkly gemstones and zirconia.


·        Personalised Trinkets

Personalised minimalist jewellery featuring your initials or name is a trend that has been prevalent since the 90s, and Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City gave it a glamorous seal of style savviness. This season, initials and monograms are the chicest piece of jewellery and you can pick out a classic signet ring, a contemporary pendant, or even studs featuring your initials.


·        Pinky Rings

Delicate and minimalist pinky rings have emerged as one of the chicest, signature-worthy statements this year, and this is a stylish accessory that can be flaunted anywhere and everywhere. All you have to do is pick out some super-petite midi rings and flaunt them with your basic, every day wear.


·        Celestial Accents

Celestial inspiration has taken over the jewellery radar this year, and it appears that nearly all the celestial and heavenly bodies in the sky, basically the stars and the moons, have been moulded to create delicate and understated accessories.


You can pick out constellation cuffs, crescent moon pendants, celestial crawlers, moon rings, star shaped studs and a lot more. Needless to say, these pieces are so gorgeous with their minimalist glam. You can even pick out metallic sun-shaped studs.


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