Behold 10 of the Biggest Diamonds Spotted in Fine Jewelry this month

Behold 10 of the Biggest Diamonds Spotted in Fine Jewelry this month

October 12, 2018 1 Comment

Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend, especially when they are all big, chunky and shiny. Allow us to introduce you to the 10 biggest, most glamorous diamonds showcased by fine jewellery designers this July.

Here, feast your eyes:

1.      Cartier


Cartier’s dazzling new creation, the Cartier Coloratura, is a glamorous white gold necklace that has stunned the world with its gorgeous assortment of shiny and fine cut stones. It features a DIF 37.27-carat marquis-cut and brilliant-cut diamond, which is reportedly one of the biggest diamonds to be showcased this July.

2.      Graff

An alluring white gold ring featuring two dazzling pear-cut diamonds, and a chunky oval-cut 36.22-carat diamond. Needless to say, this is a rare engagement ring featuring one of the biggest diamonds in the world.


3.      Messika

Messika has transcended its own standards of beauty and exquisite craftsmanship with its latest creation, the Snow Queen Messika white gold necklace. A delicate necklace that features an artful assortment of 38 marquis cut diamonds that have been arranged in the order of their size in a manner that the 15 pear cut58.62 carat diamonds grace the front, while 38 marquis-cut 12.26 carat diamonds fall gracefully towards the back and the sides.


4.      Harry Winston

Harry Winston’s Diamond Legacy platinum necklace steals the show with its rich assortment of 138 marquis-cut 39.32 carat diamonds, and one gorgeous pear-cut DIP 33.29 carat diamond.


5.      David Morris

David Morris presents a stunning white gold ring that is embellished with dazzling pink diamonds pear-cut and brilliant-cut, while a glamorous oval-cut 31.82-carat diamond steals the show with its dazzle.


6.      De Grisogono

A ravishing white gold ring set featuring one round-cut 11.62-carat white diamond, a dazzling assortment of 58 0.90-carat emeralds, and 224 3.7-carat white diamonds.


7.      Chanel

Chanel stunned us with its gloriously radiant white gold ring featuring striking yellow diamonds, diamonds, and a pear cut brown-green yellow 13.24-carat diamond.


8.      Chopard

These dazzling pearl drop-style white gold earrings from Chopard feature two pear-cut 3-carat diamonds, and 10 3-carat diamonds.


9.      De Beers

Vulcan De Beers showcased a classic ‘old Hollywood style diamond necklace featuring a stunning pear-cut 5.84-carat diamond. A true masterpiece indeed!


10. Reza

Last but certainly not the least, this double swing yellow and white gold ring features a navette-cut 3.08-carat diamond, a navette-cut fancy intense yellow 3.59-carat diamond, and a dazzling assortment of 30 brilliant-cut yellow-orange and baguette-cut fancy pink diamonds.




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Billie Sutter
Billie Sutter

October 27, 2018

“You got that right” More is More!

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