Accessories Trend Alert: Statement Earrings are Ruling the Trend

Accessories Trend Alert: Statement Earrings are Ruling the Trend Radar with their Glam

July 27, 2018

Ladies, earrings are a woman’s ultimate accessorising trick to add up drama and excitement to her outfit, and when the occasion calls for unrestricted glamour, the bigger the earrings get, the hotter the statement becomes.

This season, designers have exhibited a powerful obsession with chunky and heavy statement earrings that pack up a bold punch of glamour with their artful appearance. The glossy runways of the fashion capitals of the world have witnessed the arrival of this sassy new trend in a wide range of variations, lengths, sizes and ornamentations.

Let’s take a look at these delights with more insight and detail:


Chunky Neck-Grazing Statements

Neck-grazing statement earrings are chunky and powerful, and if you want to strike a pose with a sassy vibe, these are your best picks. Now, you get to shop these delights in a wide variety of variations, for instance, tassels, fringes, metallic, gemstones, and a lot more. You can shop round metallic hoop earrings with pearls, or even tasselled neck-grazing statement earrings with an intricate display of gemstones and zircon.


Shoulder-Grazing Beauties

If you want to amplify your glamour with a boldly dramatic larger-than-life appeal, we strongly recommend you to indulge in the heavy and long shoulder-grazing statement earrings. These beauties have created quite the rage on the fashion runways, and while some may discard them as overwhelming and non-functional, they add a powerful dose of gorgeous drama to one’s face. You can shop these delights in countless variations and styles, such as crucifixes, pearl-drop earrings, chunky gemstones, tassels and a lot more.


Gemstones & Sparkle

Women adore sparkle, and designers have ornamented and beautified the statement earrings trend with a breath-taking display of gemstones, sterling silver, shimmery stones, diamonds, gilded gold and cubic zirconia. These delights come in a wide range of designs, such as chunky drop-down pearls with gem-encrusted designs, crucifix earrings, giant-sized hoops, chain-link gemstones and zirconia and lots more.

Metallic Delights

Metallic statement earrings are trending super-hot and they are a definite must-have if you want to flaunt the hottest trend of the season with a seriously bold dose of glamour. You can pick out countless variations and designs to flaunt this statement. For instance, multiple metallic hoops with marbles, gemstones, and sleek metallic accents. The variety is endless, and this is by far the sleekest trend to rock in statement earrings.

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