Top Engagement and Wedding Rings Trends

Top Engagement and Wedding Rings Trends

March 17, 2020

The wedding or engagement rings have a great symbolic significance as they represent the love, care and commitment of the spouse towards each other. This ring must be something special, unique and unforgettable which not only reflects your love but also depicts the individual style and personality. Here we share some of the top emerging trends in engagement and wedding rings.

Pear Shaped Diamond

The pear-shaped diamond is a new twist to the classical round diamond rings. The pointed side of the pear-shaped diamond ring makes your finger appear elongated and gorgeous. The both sides of the diamond have gold halo which makes them extremely dazzling and stunning.

Rose Gold and Pink Sapphire



If you are looking for some engagement ring style which is unique and most modern! Pick the Rose Gold metal and exclusive pink sapphire. Rose gold has been the hottest trend in the fashion industry recently and we can see simply stunning rings styles in the market. The classic cuts and the breathtaking modern twist of this ring make it something that definitely stands out of the crowd. You can stack it up and get the mixed metal trend to the next level.

White Gold Cushion Sapphire:

The unique cut of this diamond ring makes it simply stunning on your big day especially if you pair it up with simple thin bands. The shape of this ring adds a charming and fresh change to the engagement ring collection and the pop of color; blue sapphire, make it irresistibly hot.

Triple Stone:

Since the royal engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the triple stone wedding ring trend has taken over the fashion world by storm. The three precious gemstones, diamond and sapphire makes this ring the most adorable piece of jewelry that you would love to own. Get the modern style updates to the classic wedding ring design and make it look timeless and lavish.

Double Facing Ring:


The classic wedding and engagement bands are loveable but there is always no harm in trying something that’s unique, gorgeous and adorable. The double facing ring is for the women who want to be bold and free from tied up traditions and want to try some new and freshest look. The complementary colored gemstones make it a fabulous choice for the big day.

Classic and Timeless Diamond:


Nothing is more stylish and stunning than the classic diamond shape which in timeless and never ending. You can stack up various bands to make this style trendy.





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