OGI’s Verdict on Hailey Baldwin’s Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring

OGI’s Verdict on Hailey Baldwin’s Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring

December 06, 2019

 OGI’s Verdict on Hailey Baldwin’s Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring

The creative team behind OGI has always sought its core inspiration from the romance and love stories of others, and celebrities and their romantic tales have always provided us an abundance of fuel to light up our creativity. Naturally, when it comes to statement jewelry, wedding bands, and bridal jewels, celebrities are the true trendsetters, and OGI keeps a close eye on the celebrity wedding jewels to offer insight and inspiration to our cherished clients.

Over the last few months, we have been closely following the whirlwind romance of Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, and we are absolutely and utterly in love with her dazzling new engagement ring. Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber tied the knot in an intimate, yet star-studded wedding ceremony in South Carolina and their whirlwind romance and string of elegant and tasteful wedding jewels have brimmed up with endless inspiration for romantic couples.

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Wedding Bands & Engagement Ring

Curated by the pioneers of designer jewelry, Tiffany & Co., Hailey shared a photo of two gorgeous diamond wedding bands, but what stole our hearts is her stunning engagement ring, embellished with intricate oval-cut diamonds. The ring is a true classic, encrusted with the dazzling bling of beautifully set oval-cut diamonds, and emboldened in the dramatic appeal of a traditional ring.

We at OGI strongly believe that wedding and engagement rings must exude a powerful and poignant character, which flatters the personality and personal sense of style of the wearer. Hailey’s reveal of her wedding bands and engagement ring made headlines across the world, and for all the right reasons, for her picks are stunning.

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It is important to emphasize the importance of tasteful diamond settings and the need to be careful in one’s selections of the particular cut and styles of stones. The gorgeous wedding rings are the Tiffany Soleste 18-Karat gold diamond-encrusted band and the Tiffany Soleste 18-Karat gold and diamond V-ring. The extravagance and classic charm of the design reveals that masterful craftsmanship and diligent attention to details that makes Tiffany & Co. one of the most trusted jewelry designers across the globe.

The wedding rings are stylish, charming and versatile, and the wearable aspect of their appeal makes them super functional-the ultimate quality of a wedding band that symbolizes a union. At OGI, we strongly advocate in favor of wedding bands that exude an understated charm and a dazzling versatile that can offer the bridal couple endless functionality.

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