Latest Bridal Jewelry Trends – Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Latest Bridal Jewelry Trends – Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

August 24, 2018

The engagement ring or wedding band is more than just a gift; it is a symbol of eternal love, sign of infinity of the bond of love and loyalty and a reflection of the commitment and union between the partners. This is something which must be flawless and most beautiful as you will cherish it lifelong. The wedding season is coming up and you must be looking for the trendiest wedding gown to wear and be super-stunning on your big day but remember that right kind of jewelry is essential to complement your gorgeous wedding attire. From vintage inspiration to the modern style, here we share the best and hottest trends related to wedding bands or engagement rings.

Marquise Cut Diamond Rings


Classic style of diamond ring has come back in fashion trend in a big way and you can even view many celebrities flaunting this style. The marquise and oval cut shape diamond can really stand out of the crowd because of its vintage inspiration and flattering style. The clean cut makes the diamond shinier and dazzling and the great thing about this shape is that it can make your fingers appear longer and slimmer while you pose for the engagement or wedding photos.

Rose Gold and Diamonds

Another hottest trend that we can see popping up on wedding trends fashion scene is the overwhelming popularity of Rose gold wedding bands or engagement rings made of rose gold. The unique color is simply mesmerizing, and the halo of tiny diamond can make it more enchanting than ever. The gorgeous metal of rose gold is versatile enough to enhance the beauty of any skin color and ant design outfit. The blushing tone of the Rose Gold wedding band is so delicate and mesmerizing that it can enhance your feminine charms and delicacy effortlessly.

Colored Gemstones and Blue Sapphire


The traditional wedding bands have been all crystal or diamonds, but the modern fashionistas are breaking the norms by wearing the multi colored gemstones in the form of wedding bands. The blue sapphire worn by the Duchess Kate Middleton took the wedding bands and engagement rings fashion trends like the storm and every lady dreamed of wearing a sparkling blue sapphire on her big day. The trend of wearing the bands made up of the gemstones of various colors are making their way in the fashion scene and more and more couples love to add a flare of color on their traditional bands. You can comfortably consider adding pop of color on your wedding band by blue or pink sapphire, rubies or yellow gemstones.



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