Trend Radar: Gentlemen, It’s Time to Embrace the Chokers

Trend Radar: Gentlemen, It’s Time to Embrace the Chokers

January 01, 2019

Men always regard bling and sparkly ornaments with great suspicion because these trinkets seem to threaten the svelte of their masculinity. Well, not anymore. The recently Moschino x H&M collection by Jeremey Scott has shattered all the accessory norms and showcased an eclectic myriad of bold chokers that are dripping with dark, masculine charm.

New York was taken by the storm of masculine choker when Jeremy Scott showcased his exciting new collaboration collection, Moschino x H&M. The collection was a spectacularly bold assortment of edgy and bold ensembles, along with quirky and playful accessories inspired by pop culture. Mickey Mouse motifs were all the rage, and Scott’s addiction to glitter and sparkle was everywhere to be seen. He showcased glittery embellishments and flamboyantly chunky crystals with the edgy accents of leather.

Oversized jewelry and bondage-inspired leather accessories revived the 90s with such a daring aplomb that it left us nostalgic and yearning for more. Chunky and loud silver charms were emboldened into the sassy MOSCHINO logo, and it appears that this audaciously daring new collection has funneled in an exciting new trend for men: pendant-like chokers.

Our creative designers at Ogi are extremely excited about this dynamic choker trend and we strongly urge men to break away from accessory norms and explore this bold new trend. The collection showcased two exciting men chokers designed with silver chains and the Moschino logo bracing the neck with shiny silver accents. The other design featured the same outlook, except for rugged and edgy leather detailing beneath the logo.

Gentlemen, get ready to embrace the new cult jewelry trend that is going to be all the rage in street style. These chokers are extremely hard to ignore and they exude a magnetic charm with their subtle bondage undertones and silver accents. If you are addicted to 90’s style accessories and flamboyant trends that attract attention, this is one accessory that you must add to your wardrobe.

It allows men to channel their inner savage with its bold bondage-style leather accents, and it is the most splendid accessory to pair up with edgy biker boy outfits and nightlife statements. Needless to say, it does take a bit of courage and a subtle leap of faith if you shy away from ornaments, but this is a definite must-have that will accentuate your masculine charm with its magnetic sexiness.


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