Gigi Hadid

Styling Lessons from Gigi Hadid: Layer up the Accessories for a Glamorous Pop!

November 30, 2018

Gigi Hadid is the ultimate It girl of the fashion world, and this insanely talented super model is always teaching us new styling tricks with her everyday street style looks. We adore her sense of style, it’s quirky and playful with classic tones of elegance and a chicness that makes her look comfortable in her skin.

We at Chillatto always adore how she cleverly styles up her jewelry and it’s always a delight to mimic her statements with a couple tricks of our own. She has a spectacular way of layering up her jewelry, particularly her necklaces, and we believe there’s a lot that this girl boss can teach us all about flaunting some of the most basic pieces with style.

So, let’s take a look at some layering lessons from Gigi Hadid:


Layering Pendants

She uses one statement pendant that has a bold, navel-grazing length and pairs it up with a combination of gold chains, subtle diamonds, delicate gold chains, tasseled necklaces and a sensual choker. The effect is utterly sublime, and we’ve seen her play up this statement on both, formal and casual statements.

She completes the rest of the statement with understated accessories, such as classic hoop earrings, white husk earrings, dangling chains and bohemian bracelet. Come to think of it, this is a splendid trick to play up understated blouses and plain dresses, it will give your ensemble the perfect seal of Boho chicness.


Play up the Chokers

Here’s an exciting Gigi Hadid tip to play up your chokers with a bold bohemian pop: Flaunt two layers of tasseled chokers, one that is fastened at your neck and the other resting atop your beauty bones, and seal the look with a chunky Boho pendant. This is a fabulous trick to play up with casual tees and street style looks.

Never Dim the Sparkle!


Gigi sure knows how to steal the show with cleverly styled sparkly ornaments, and we simply adore her addiction to sparkly rhinestone and crystal chokers. She’s flaunted these delights practically everywhere, be it at the red carpet, the streets or the runway. We strongly urge y’all to pair up a sparkly rhinestone studded choker with a bold power suit.


If you’re excited about flaunting the layering trend, Chillatto has a splendid variety of pendants, chokers, silver and gold chains, and a lot more. Come, take a look!

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