Bracelet Stacking 101 – How to Nail Down this Popular Jewelry Trend in 2018

Bracelet Stacking 101 – How to Nail Down this Popular Jewelry Trend in 2018

February 25, 2018

Stacking and layering has been in style since the last few years now. From chokers, to necklaces; multiple ear studs; multiple stacked rings; and multiple stacked bracelets – the millennial and generation Z both seem to be together on the stacking trend bandwagon. This is a trend enjoyed by both genders – even men seem to really enjoy wearing multiple layers of strings or knitted bands on their wrists and even good luck charm bracelets are pretty popular and gender neutral.

If you want to take the plunge and partake in the stacking bracelets trend, here is how you can start things and slowly make your way up to the trend ladder:

What Materials Are Best for Stacking Bracelets?

Honestly, when it comes to stacking up or layering your bracelet, you can make any material work. Beads, thin delicate chains, pearl strings, diamond clustered gold chains all layer beautifully with each other. Even some of the simplest and most casual jewelry choices such as knitted multi-color strings or ropes or metal cuffs also look quite chic when layered and worn together.

How to Mix Stuff?

The beauty of stacking bracelets together lies in the possibility of coming up with various combinations using the same jewelry items. You don’t have to play it safe and be all matchy-matchy when it comes to stacking up your bracelets. Don’t shy away from pairing a sterling silver charmed bracelet with a leather string – you can make it work.

Hand crafted wish bracelets are quite in vogue these days. Usually a metal charm is crafted in shape of a symbol or sign with a small message and tied to a rope or string. These wish bracelets look stunning with fine jewelry items such as gold bracelets. They pair beautifully with metal wrist watches as well.

Dainty chain bracelets layer beautifully with metal cuffs or bangles; perfect for work as well since they look so edgy and classy.


When to Stop Stacking Your Bracelets?

Even if you are feeling wild and a little out there, there is still a thing as ‘too much’ stacking. It really depends on the material and colors of the bracelets you chose to wear. If you are wearing thin threads or chains, you can get away with wearing as much as 6 items in one arm.

Make sure to keep the rest of your jewelry minimum when you are going heavy on stacking your bracelets.

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