OGI’s Picks for the Most Stunning Greek Jewelry Trends

OGI’s Picks for the Most Stunning Greek Jewelry Trends

October 24, 2019

Greek jewelry designs and influences have inspired jewelry makers and designers since the beginning of time. Indeed, Greek mythology has inspired artists from all dimensions and horizons of creativity, and in this article, we will introduce you to OGI Ltd.’s favorite trends from the Greek jewelry radar.

Here, take a look:

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Love of Natural Materials

Wooden jewels, marble ornaments and silver jewelry has always remained a timeless ornamentation trend for women living on the stunning islands of Greece. And contemporary Greek jewelry designers, especially Minas, have made dynamic contributions in erecting the raging trend of using natural materials to create iconic pieces of jewelry.

Silver jewelry dominated with organic lines and sleek sculpture-like accents, alongside other natural materials, such as wood and marble, are a timeless influence on the modern trend radar. The island of Mykonos is infamous for wooden, marble and silver jewelry, and this is a trend that marks a powerful influence on our creative directors at OGI Ltd.

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Pearl-Dominated Jewels

Pearls have a significant influence in Greek jewels, which should not be a surprise given the mythological significance of pearls, which are believed to be the tears of the goddess, Aphrodite. Many modern Greek jewelry designers, including Melanie Georgacopoulus, have focused on creating pearl-dominated designs, which have been celebrated across the globes.

These designs focus on using other materials to draw attention to the pearls by splitting them up, imprisoning them in geometric silver and marble cases, and even faceting them with gold and other materials. Greek jewelry designers and trinkets introduce us to incredible new, unconventional methods of creating high-end ornaments with pearls.

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Art Deco

Greek jewelers and goldsmiths, particularly the insanely talented Nikos Koulis, have introduced us to the art of infusing geometric accents with traditional materials to give birth to a raging new trend: art deco. This distinctive and unique art is characterized by gold, silver and marbles, exquisitely carved and designed into innovative and iconic jewelry pieces.


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Ancient Greek Heritage

The ancient Greek heritage jewels that are inspired by the rich history of Athens, Greek mythology and other ancient Greek heroes is a stunning prelude into the history of jewelry making. For centuries, the Ancient Greek influence of hammered gold, iconic animal heads, and gemstone-studded pieces have influence jewelry makers and designers across the world. At OGI Ltd., we are absolutely captivated with the stunning designs of Ancient Greek-inspired bracelets featuring tiger and snake heads, and embellished with dazzling emeralds and rubies.


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